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Setup and Navigation

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The pages in this section detail how to set up features in Cyber Recruiter.  The Admin menu in Cyber Recruiter is where an Admin user will find almost all of the items requried for setting up the system.

Cyber Recruiter Icons

List of commonly used icons in Cyber Recruiter during set up:

Action Icon New Icon  Location
Save   In the header, the right-most icon on the page to save
Cancel   In the header, the icon immediately left of the save icon.
Note: this icon will not display if the page can only be saved – for example the Inbox setup page.
Print   In the header, the left-most icon on the page to print. Note: this icon will not display if the page does not have a report available.
Copy   This icon allows the user to copy the item listed. 
Add New Record
  In some areas of admin (such as creating drop down lists) this icon is used for adding new records. In others a link Reading "Add New Record" next to a plus sign will appear for that purpose at the top left of the table.
Delete Row   Right of the record
Edit Row   Left of the record (Edits the Row); Right of the record (Edits that Record)
 Next Record      Advances to the next record
 Previous Record      Goes back to the previous record
 Help      Launch help for the current page

Set Up The System in This Order

  1. System Setup
  2. Security Groups
  3. Users
  4. Requisition - Miscellaneous
  5. Requisition Codes (as needed based on the fields being used in the requisitions and expected to be used in the job posting)
    1. Organizations
    2. Requisition Statuses
    3. Requisition Reasons
    4. Requisition Types
    5. Requisition Functional Title
    6. Requisition FT/PT
    7. Salary Grades
  6. Requisition - Requisition Questions
  7. Requisition - Create Req Form
  8. Requisition - Print Req Form
  9. Careers Portal - Intro Page
  10. Careers Portal - Job Browsing/Description
  11. Applicant - Application Questions
  12. Applicant Codes (as needed based on the pages and fields being used in the online application process)
    1. Locations (Countries and States)
    2. Referral Categories and Sources
    3. Positions Desired
    4. Skills (Categories & Skill)
    5. Education (Degrees, Majors, Schools)
    6. Security Clearance (Agencies & Types)
    7. Military Branches
    8. Ethnic Origins
    9. Applicant Statuses
  13. Careers Portal - Self Service  
  14. Careers Portal - Online Application
  15. Careers Portal - Automatic Workflow
  16. Routing Emails
  17. Applicant - Interview Evaluation Form
  18. Interview Emails
  19. Applicant - Offer Approval Form
  20. Custom Offer Letter and Email Templates
  21. Offer Emails
  22. Applicant - Tasks
  23. Task Emails
  24. Applicant - On-boarding Process
  25. On-boarding Emails
  26. Integration to other programs ​