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Can I Embed Videos on the Careers Site


1. Set up a YouTube channel and then upload all of your videos to the channel
2. When you are ready to post to the careers page, there is a share link in YouTube which will give you the HTML/URL to use.  It will look something like this.

<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0"></iframe>

3. Go to the section of the careers site where the video should appear (intro page, job description of the requisition, etc.).
4. Change the view of the HTML editing tool to the HTML view (press the <> icon) and paste in the HTML/URL from YouTube and save the page.  
5. Pasting this in will provide the thumbnail of the video in addition to the video. 


If you have taken these steps and still don't see the  thumbnail, be sure that you aren't passing "mixed security" content.  Meaning, if the Cyber Recruiter/careers sites are running https, make sure that the link to YouTube is also https.

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