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Where is the Agreement section of the Application stored

There is an agreement section on the application, where does this pull from in the system?


‚ÄčThe agreement that displays to the applicant is stored in two locations.


  1. Admin > Website > Careers Portal > Self Service > Agreement is being used if the applicant reviews the agreement via the portal.
  2. Admin > Website > Careers Portal > Online Application > Agreement is being used to display the agreement to the applicant during the application process. If you have multiple processes, each one could have an agreement page.  As the applicant signs the agreement, the wording of the last agreement reviewed/signed is saved to the Applicant's profile. 

The Print Application report (used when you send out email for evaluation, interviews, etc.) pulls from one of two locations

  1. If the person never sees the agreement, it is pulling from Admin > Website > Careers Portal > Self Service > Agreement.  This would happen if:
    1. The applicant starts the process and stop before getting to the agreement page
    2. The agreement page isn't part of the online application so the applicant never see it
    3. The applicant is added into the system and doesn't go through the application process so never sees the agreement. 
  2. Once the agreement is signed, a copy of the wording is saved to the applicant's profile.  The agreement which is part of the applicant record in the table is used to merge onto the Print Application report.  The wording gets over written each time the person signs off on an agreement.  So, if you make changes to the agreement on the application it would still show the old wording on the Print Application report until the applicant sees it during the process he/she takes to apply for a job and signs off on the new agreement.