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Have you recently completed your implementation and training? Do you need some reminders on where a page is located or how to complete a process? Then the Implementation and Training videos or the Quick Clip videos are for you. 

Are you new to Cyber Recruiter and need help getting around the system? You should check out our Training Videos.


There are over 100 videos to assist you with your self-help and training needs. 


The "Quick Clips" videos will help you with a process or form, quickly. They are meant to be short and to the point “How to”, videos.   The login password is Visibility


You can search by area, use the following to help you locate the videos you need:


ADMIN How to use the admin section
AGENCY PORTAL How to set up and use the Agency Portal
APPLICANTS How to complete the application, tasks, and apply for additional positions
APPS          How to use and modify other applicant features
CAREERS How to set up and modify the career portal
CODE TABLES How to set up and modify code tables
CORRESPONDENCE  How to create, modify, and use emails and letters 
EVALUATING How to evaluate an applicant file, including disposition
HOME How to use the Home page features
INTERVIEW How to set up and conduct interviews, phone and face to face
OFFERS How to set up, extend, and follow up on an offer
ONB How to on-board including fillable forms
PASSWORDS How to issue and retrieve passwords 
REFERRAL How to set up, extend, and payout employee referrals
REQS How to create, modify, open, close, and post requisitions
ROUTING How to route (send / receive) an applicants information 
SEARCHING How to search for applicants and information in the system 
SECURITY How to set up and understand group and user security 
SELF SERVICE  How to set up and modify the self service module 

The "Training Videos" go a little further in detail about the process or form you are working on. These videos can also be used when training other team members.  The login password is Visibility


Training specific to Implementation can be viewed directly via Help Central: Implementation and Training  No password is needed for these videos


NOTE: Some screens may look different, but the content is relevant, and the process is the same.  You may need to adjust the volume when viewing some of the videos.


Please report any issues to We will be continually adding videos to this section however, you can submit ideas and request for other quick clip videos, using the same email address.