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Sage HRMS: Job Change

The transfer process (Cyber Recruiter to Sage HRMS ) replaces the Job Change Action in Sage HRMS . When an applicant's job needs to be changed into Sage HRMS , this is done one at a time from the Applicants > Hire into Sage HRMS process in Cyber Recruiter.

Step 1: Find the Applicant

If you are using the option to ‘Process New Hire’ you can skip this step as the system will already know which individual you are working with.

From the Applicant’s menu, select Hire into Sage HRMS. Find the desired individual to move into Sage HRMS by identifying the individual via his/her Last Name, Email, Applicant ID #, Overall Status or Range (Application Date).

Once the Applicant is found, select the Applicant by clicking on the Applicant Name to continue. 

If the setup indicates that the Payroll module is on but SQL is selected the user will receive an error message instead of starting the process.  Return to the setup page for the integration to correct the issue before continuing. 

Step 2: Identify Core Items

The system will compare the employee list from the company selected and search to find the individual you make a change to based on the SSN/SIN matching between Sage HRMS and Cyber Recruiter and will automatically select Rehire but can be changed to Job Change. The SSN/SIN must be the same on the demographics page of Cyber Recruiter in order to be verified as a match. If the number is added in just to the Sage HRMS  hire process this is not enough to find the record in Sage HRMS . Should there be more than one company set up in Sage HRMS , choose the appropriate company for which this individual's record is connected.

Company: If there is more than one company set up in Sage HRMS , choose the appropriate company for which this individual's record is connected. This will determine last employee number used and the drop-down options in the follow screens.

: If available, select the offer in Cyber Recruiter for which the person is being hired. If selected, the requisition field (next field down) will be updated. The Start Date from the offer will default into the Hire Date and the Salary from the offer will default to the Annual Salary field (all other wage fields will calculate).

: This will default based on the offer (if selected) or can be selected from the drop-down.  If the code values for the following fields match the code already in Sage HRMS , then the system will default the value based on the requisition.

Cyber Recruiter Field     Sage HRMS HRMS Field 
Functional Job Title     Job Title / Job Code 
Full-time/Part-time    Employment Type     
Organizational Level 1    Organizational Level 1
Organizational Level 2   Organizational Level 2
Organizational Level 3 Organizational Level 3
Organizational Level 4 Organizational Level 4
Organizational Level 5 Organizational Level 5

: Select "Job Change" from the available actions in drop-down list. Other options include New Hire & Rehire. 

Step 3: Verify Information

The Employee Number will default based on the match to the SSN/SIN in Sage HRMS . 

Demographics information is displayed in a View Only mode.  If any changes need to be made, log into Sage HRMS to make the changes.

All fields on the Job/Salary page pull directly from Sage HRMS .  If the requisition was selected AND the codes match what is in Sage HRMS then they will default automatically.  Otherwise, they need to be completed to send over a full record for the new employee. Annual and Hourly Salary numbers are dependent on each other and the pay frequency and normal hours. Job Code and Job Title are dependent on each other. Salaried/Hourly and 1-9 Status fields are required on this page.

NOTE: The wage fields will automatically recalculate if one aspect is changed.  The Hourly Rate is the controlling rate if 'Hourly' is selected in the Salaried/Hourly field.  The Annual Salary is the controlling rate if 'Salaried' is selected in the Salaried/Hourly field. 

Step 4: Send Information

Press the Save Changes button in the system to forward the information to the Sage HRMS database. The information can now be located in Sage HRMS .

Where the Data Goes

This process updates information already in the Sage HRMS database


Field Name

Sage HRMS Screen and Field

Sage HRMS Database Name

Change Date

Current Job / Job Date

Current Pay / Pay Effective Date



Job / Salary

Information that is captured on this page is pulling from the Sage HRMS drop-down options. All information needs to be verified and selected from the drop-down options.


Union & Shift are ONLY available during the hiring process. These fields are not pulling from any values mapped in the setup from the requisition or the applicant. 

Field Name

Sage HRMS Screen and Field

Sage HRMS Database Name

Job Title

Current Job / Job Title


P_jobcode (based on Sage HRMS setup)

P_eeoclass (based on Sage HRMS setup)

P_exempt (based on Sage HRMS setup)

P_jobgroup (based on Sage HRMS setup)

P_salgrade (based on Sage HRMS seteup)

Employee Type

Current Job / Employee Type


Reason Current Job / Change Reason p_reason (defaults to Promotion)


Current Pay / Salaried Hourly


Annual Salary

Current Pay / Annual Pay


P_salary (based on pay frequency and normal hours)

Hourly Salary

Current Pay / Unit Pay Rate


Pay Frequency

Current Pay / Pay Frequency



Current Job / Supervisor


Secondary Sup

Current Job / Manager





Current Job / Division (based on Sage HRMS Setup)

Current Job / Department (based on Sage HRMS Setup)

Current Job / Location (based on Sage HRMS Setup)





P_level 5

Normal Hours

Current Pay / Hours Per Pay Period


I-9 Status

HR Status / I-9 Verification Status


Union HR Status / Union / Union Affiliation p_union
Shift Current Pay / Shift p_shift

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