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Creating Requisitions

Page Location: Requisition > Create Requistion

Cyber Recruiter makes the process of creating new requisition easy by using a wizard based format to walk through the creation process.  After the requisition is created, this process will no longer be used, but the requisition can be viewed and updated via the Requisition File.  Simply use the Req Find or the Req List to find the newly created requisition and then use the various page of the requisition file to make changes.

A user must have the option is Group Security for 'Can Create Req' set to Yes to see this option.

From the Main Menu Bar, select Requisitions > Create Requisition. Remember that this wizard is configured by Administrator to fit an organization’s recruiting needs to the pages, options and wording used as an example below may not be what is seen in your system. 

Users might have up to three (3) methods for creating a requisition and one additional option may be seen on the page.
  • Create from Scratch - Create a brand new requisition
  • Create from Job List - Create a new opportunity from pre-established templates
  • Copy Existing Requisition - Create a new opportunity from requisitions already in the system
  • Finish previous req… - Finish creating a requisition that was started and not completed (this option only appears if there is an unfinished requisition.)

After a method is selected, if more than one wizard has been defined for this process (and security has been granted), a screen will appear prompting the user to select the correct wizard process to follow for the rest of the pages.


The From Scratch allows Users to create a new requisition by filling in the all the blank fields. The only fields which will be automatically filled in are those which are specified by the Administrator via the setup of the wizard process. 

There are five potential pages which could be part of the creation process. The only one which will definitely be part of the process is the Position Details page.  All other pages are optional but are detailed below in case they are part of your process.

Page  Purpose 
Organization If the organization has several different companies and/or locations that have separate departments, divisions, projects, business units, and so forth, the Administrator might include this Organizational Levels Page as part of the ‘Create Requisition’ process.

This page walks users through selecting the appropriate levels for the requisitions. For example, if the organization has different departments and divisions based on location, the user selects the necessary location. Cyber Recruiter updates the other fields with the appropriate options based on the selected location.

Click the Continue button to continue the page.
Position Details

Position Details Page is allows for the fundamentals of the requisitions to be entered. All fields on this page with asterisks (*) are required and must be completed before continuing on in the process. This page is highly configurable and is set up according to the organization’s needs.

Organizational Levels can display on this page but should only display on this IF the Organizational Levels Page is NOT being utilized. 


  • NOTE: If sending jobs to Indeed, do not include any reference to the location or signing bonuses in the Job Title.  This is seen as 'click-bait'. More information on Indeeds General Search Quality Policy information can be found here and best practices information can be found here

Note: If this page is complete but the process is stopped AFTER this page, when the user accesses the 'Create Requisition' process again, the 'Finish Req...' option will be listed.  Simply select the job from the drop-down to finish the creation process.  The page which will be displayed is the 'Job Description' page.  If changes need to be made to the Position Details page, the 'Main' page of actual requisition record will need to be edited instead of using the wizard process.

Click the Continue button to continue the page.

Job Description Position Description Page allows users to enter information about the position. Generally this information is then used to post directly to the website or is used to generate a job description which will be used for job posting.

The job description boxes include an HTML editor so it is easy to include HTML content (links, bolding, bullets, colors, etc.) for the job description. However, making changes to this page may overwrite the default values for text assigned in the website style sheets.  It is recommended that content added to this page be done so using the 'Paste Text' option and then attributes changed.

Click the Continue button to move forward.
Requisition Questions Requisition Questions Page is where users add questions to the requisitions as needed. These questions can be asked of the applicant when the applicant applies to this requisition. Or questions can be used for internal purposes such as interview or phone screen questions. If this page is part of the create requisition process and is not needed, click Continue to bypass.

Requisition Questions are a great way to ask specific questions related to a position. They have the ability to score an Applicant’s response set acceptable and unacceptable answers for pre-screening. 

Requisition Questions need to be populated prior to this point in order function here. Additionally, depending on the setup, some of the questions might default in while others will need to be added.

If new questions are added, after pressing 'Add New Record', select a group to narrow down the long list of questions. When adding Req Questions, the questions appear in the drop-down first by the group assigned and then by the order assigned to the question. 

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Attachments Attachment Page allows users to include additional documentation as needed.

For example, a test that should be administered to potential interviewees, Interview Questions and/or Phone Screen Questions to ask; additional government form and/or regulation to follow, etc…

Click Add new record to enter an attachment 

Click the Continue button to move forward. 
Approvers Approvals Page allows users to select the appropriate approvers and order of approval levels for this specific request.

This page might have approvers default in for Users, some might be grayed out so users cannot change the selected approvers, and/or users might have to enter all information.

Click the Continue button to finish the process.
Confirmation Typically a confirmation page will display to indicate the process is complete.  In addition, often an option is available to print the requisition details.


Both options produce the same flow of pages the Create From Scratch option does.

- From Existing Requisition utilizes established requisitions in the system to start the new requisition.
- From Approved Template utilizes established templates to start a new requisition opportunity. Templates are requisitions where the Status equals TEMPLATE.

If either of these options is selected, the process will duplicate the requisition details and then the user will use the pages available to make adjustments to the information.

NOTE: All fields which should be copied MUST be established in Admin for the creation process. If a field is include in the creation process and is blank in the original requisition (template or copy), the default established at the Admin level will be assigned.

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