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Posting to Indeed

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Using "Apply Now" from Indeed. 

Depending on how the setup is in your system, you may be allowing the "Apply Now" feature with Indeed.  If you are, there are a few things to know about this feature.

  1. This feature bypasses your application process completely. 
  2. All applicants will come into the system as INCOMPLETE-INDEED because they have NOT completed your application process.
  3. It is recommended you use the Alerts feature to encourage applicants to come back to your system to finish their profile using your application.  This way, all applicants are asked the same information and given the opportunity to provide all the details you need to evaluate the applicant.
  4. IMPORTANT: If you do NOT do this and begin to work with the applicant, you DO need to update their Self Service view (Applicant > Application page) to be "Normal" and indicate in the requisition that all actions have been done (edit the job record in the Activity > Assigned Reqs page).  IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOU RUN THE RISK OF OVERWRITING YOUR DATA IF THE APPLICANT COMES BACK AND FINISHES THEIR PROFILE LATER.


If you elect NOT to use this feature, applicants will be redirected back to your website to apply for the job seen on Indeed.

NoteThe integration with Indeed is to Indeed's organic, free feed. There are specific requirements for a job to appear in the feed; just having it sent via Cyber Recruiter does not guarantee posting on Indeed. At the end of the day, the decision still rests with Indeed in what is posted and how. If there is an issue getting the jobs to appear, please contact Indeed directly to discuss it.  Other than checking to make sure it is in our feed, Visibility Software does not have any control over what gets posted and why.


  1. This integration to Indeed is a free/organic feed and as such Indeed has some parameters for the postings
    1. If Indeed thinks the organization is a recruitment company, the jobs don’t qualify for the free/organic feed so the jobs will be pulled from the feed.
    2. Indeed wants “accurate and concise job titles”.  So, if there are things like “sign-on” bonuses, the job is going to be excluded from the feed. Additionally, putting the “location” in the job title doesn’t make it concise and the job will be pulled from the feed.
    3. If the company is based on one country and posing jobs for another (for example, a US based company but posting to Bahamas) those jobs do not qualify for the organic feed. 
  2. What goes?  Basically anything that would post to the careers page
    1. Status has to be O or start with OPEN
    2. Open Date has to be filled in 
    3. Post Externally has to be blank or a date in the past


Additional Resources For Troubleshooting Indeed Integration.


1. Search Quality has published content related to how Indeed Search Quality works here

2. Clients can work directly with Indeed to Sponsor Jobs and get guidance on how to improve job content. Use this contact form to contact Indeed about Sponsored Jobs.

3. Clients already working with Indeed, should engage with their Client Success contact who can assist in optimizing job content for potential visibility.

4. General Contact Indeed instructions here

5. Overview of the Sponsored Jobs Integration here

6. Sponsored Jobs Help Center here.

7. My Job is not showing up on Indeed resource here.


If a customer has never worked with Indeed before, please contact Indeed to establish yourself as a “source” for jobs. The company needs to be verified and job content needs to meet Indeed standards to be published. Just having content in the feed does not guarantee free postings; there is a process by which Indeed needs to identify them as a source.



This page allows a user (specified in Group Security) to preview the information being sent to Indeed.  It is a 'Read Only' page.  While information cannot be changed here, updating information the fields that are making up this page will update information here.  


The Indeed posting is set up to be very simple, fast and effective for your recruiting needs.  Thus nothing more is needed from your side.  All jobs that are open and posted on the careers website and have the required fields filled in on this page will be pulled up to a Cloud for Indeed to grab and post on their website.  This is happening 4 times a day and when Indeed grabs the updated XML file, it can take up to 8 hours to update on Indeed's site depending on their fluctuation. 





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