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Employee Referral Relationships

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Page Location: Admin > Codes > Employee Referral Relationships

This code table is used in conjunction with the Employee Referral Page of the Self Service system. This field will be available for use when the Employee Referral Page  is enabled for use by Employees.

User View: Users willl see this field in the Applicant > Employee Referral section, if available based on their Group Security.

Employee View: Employee applicants only will see this field if submitting an Employee Referral recommendation.

Import Code Key: EMPREFREL
.csv file should contain Code & Description in that order. 

Creating Employee Referral Relationship Codes

Important Considerations: Cyber Recruiter codes cannot contain certain symbols such as commas, quotes, periods, apostrophes or ampersands and the user will get an error message when trying to enter or import codes containing them. There are also certain character combinations that must be avoided because Cyber Recruiter is programmed to strip them (even if they are in the middle of a code or description) as they can be used by others to reference potentially dangerous procedures or scripts that could cause harm to your Cyber Recruiter system. These combinations include: SP_ or sp_ and XP_ or xp_. Also a double dash will be converted to a single dash. There are a few other combinations not listed here that could be stripped, but it is extremely unlikely that they would be used in codes or descriptions.

After clicking "Add new record." enter in the necessary information to create a new code.

Field Purpose
Code Unique Identifier for the drop-down option. This code is written in the raw data and is referenced to determine the description to show on the screen. If the code is removed from the Admin > Codes section, this value will still be in the Applicant or Requisition file for reporting purposes unless the file is edited and saved after the code was deleted. When importing data for Applicants use this value and NOT descriptions for the import spreadsheets.
Description This is what is displayed on the screens and on the website for searching.


Inactivating Employee Referral Relationships

Employee Referral Relationship codes cannot be inactivated.

NOTE: If a code cannot be inactivated, it is not recommended to delete the code as this could cause "holes" in your data. Instead, consider adding a "z" to the beginning of the Description field as this will move the code to the bottom of the list.