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Managing a Profile

Each "Applicant" in the system will have a profile which stores job related information.  The profile is accessed via a special website which is generally listed on the first page of the careers related website. The page and access to them are controlled by the setup of the system so the pages mentioned here may or may not be activated in your system.

Upon logging into the Self Service module, the applicant/employee will see a "Home" page.  This page can display a message to the individual which explains the purpose of this site, provide instruction on how to use it and is the main communication portal. between applicants and users of Cyber Recruiter. 

Job Browsing/History

Use this page to view old submission and to search through current available openings.  You can review your full profile using the other pages available; but, when you apply to a new opening, the system will make sure you get a chance to review what will be used in the evaluation process by taking you through all the pages.  Make changes or just review and continue to the next page.  Press the Save & Close button to save all of the information and stop the process.  Depending on the setup of the company configuration, pressing Save & Close may complete the process without further review.  If this is the case, the job will be listed as Complete.

If a job is listed as Incomplete, this means that the system does not think that all the relevant information has been reviewed/collected as it pertains to this individual job.  Click on the word Incomplete, to review the profile pages to finish the process.  When the application has been sucessfully submitted, the summary will appear as Complete.

When viewing old submissions, if you want to remove yourself from a current opening, press the Withdraw link. 

NOTE: The job browsing display will ONLY show open positions which are open for application.  If a job has already been applied to, it will be missing from the table. 

Contact Information

Use this page to review and/or update your contact information (phone numbers, address, etc.).  There is nothing worse than submitting an application for a job and then the recruiter can't contact you because your information is out of date.

Personal Information

Use this page to review and/or update your confidential information.  This page may or may not have been part of the application process but the information from this page is generally gathered when preparing for background screens or getting ready to process new hire paperwork. 


Use this page to make sure your resume is up to date.  There are two version of the resume in the system.  A text version and a formatted (file) version.  The text box on the page allows you to give the recruiters a text version of your resume which can then be leveraged for key-word searches.  Even if you submit a formatted version, the text version is needed for searching - so, make sure you give them all you can to help get you that job.  Scroll down on the page to upload a new copy of the formatted version and just below that is a link to view the current resume which is on file.

Cover Letter

Use this page to submit a text version cover letter.  Why a text version and not an formatted version? Because this one can be easily merged into emails for quick review.  So, keep it short, simple and to the point.  Make a quick impact and get the job.

Application Questions

These are questions we are going to ask you just once - not each time you apply to a job.  Use this page to update any questions which have been previously asked but where the answers are now different.


Use this page to list out all the educational background you have.  Don't forget to include anything you are currently working on - just make sure that you mark it accordingly.

Previous Employment

Use this page to tell us about your employment history.  Please include summaries which also includes gaps in employment so we understand and can appreciate your full work history.  When entering in dates please put in the year first (yyyy) and then the month (mm) and finally the day (dd).  For example, January 12, 2009 would be 2009/01/12.  This helps the system keep your work history sorted so it is easier to review.


Use this page to tell us which skills we are interested that you possess. We will use this when reviewing your application but could also use it to find your record later when we have additional openings.  

Security Clearance

Use this page to give us information about your current or past security clearances.  We know this can be sensitive information but if we ask for it, then we are probably very serious about reviewing the information related to your application.

Military History

Use this page to give us information about your military history.  This is slightly different than your work experience because we are interested more in what your current status is and what availability you may have. Again, we know this can be sensitive information but, if we ask for it, then we are probably very serious about reviewing the information related to your application.


Use this page to provide us with professional references which can be contacted related to your work experience and professionalism.  We generally don't check references on everyone so you know you're getting close if we ask for this and/or start checking.


Use this page to provide us with additional electronic documents. For example, if you really want to submit a cover letter that is unique to each job that you have applied for, use this page to upload the various documents.  If you do so, please include the job title in the name of the attachment when you do the update.  Later in the process, we could ask you to upload the background check approval or any new hire documents to the page.


Use this page to answer any other questions we might pose out to you that are stored in the other locations.  For example, certain jobs require a driver's license, so we may ask you to come back to this page and provide us with that information.

Additional Info

Use this page to provide us with more information, in an essay format, that we might post to you which isn't stored in another location.  Generally we will ask this during the application process but we might re-direct you back to this page to give us additional information.


Review our employment agreement on this page and sign it, if you haven't.

New Position Notification (Job Alerts)

Use this page to tell us what type of jobs you are interested in and we will alert you when we have openings that match what you are looking for.  On this page, press the Add button to add a new filter.  Be sure to note the expiration date.  This is the date that the current request will STOP sending you notifications.  Be sure to check back in before that date to set up a new request to continue to get the notifications. 

Contact Us

This is our contact information.  No need to jot it down elsewhere, we will keep this updated so you always know who to contact should you have questions.

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