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NetSuite New to Version 8.0

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Page Location: Admin > Links > Pre Defined Links > NetSuite 

Interface by Web Services: Cyber Recruiter will gather information and send it to NetSuite for each applicant hired.  This is a single step process.

This process will have one page to complete during the daily use of this interface inside Cyber Recruiter. The page is stored in the Applicant file. 

Enable NetSuite in Cyber Recruiter 

Once the connection information is obtained, take the following steps in the admin section to activate this interface.

Step 1: Enable and Set Mapping 







NetSuite specific page and menu items will be added in Cyber Recruiter.

Action Needed: Enter the User who will use this tool on the Security tab.


NetSuite specific page will not show in the Applicant file.

Account ID   This is the Account ID assigned by NetSuite when an account is created.





Select the user from the Cyber Recruiter user list who will be able to see the Applicant page. 

NetSuite Login This field will automatically fill in based on the selection of the Cyber Recruiter User ID.  This email account MUST match the email / user account used for NetSuite.
NetSuite Password Enter the NetSuite password so the connection between the two systems can be made.

The Translations tab allows for mapping of values from Cyber Recruiter to NetSuite.  The integration tool will pull the NetSuite codes live from NetSuite for three different categories so the values stored in Cyber Recruiter can be mapped/translated to the NetSuite values.  Values are unique to each system and are dynamically updated when the systems are connected.
  1. Marital Status
  2. Ethnic Origin
  3. Education
If the following message ever appears on the translations tab,it means it couldn't connect to the NetSuite web service to pull their lists of codes.

To fix this, check:

  1. The account ID entered on tab 
  2. Make sure the user assigned on the security tab is the user who is currently logged into Cyber Recruiter.  Because security to this tool is limited to the user defined on the 2nd tab, logging in as a different user won't log the system into NetSuite and will generate this message.

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