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User Reset Password Email

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This email is triggered when the user requests login information from the Login page or it can be manually triggered to users from the Admin > Security > Reset Password page.

Field  Description
Name  This is the name of the email.  This is not editable.
Subject  This is the subject line of the email which the user will see.
Text/Merge Fields This is the body of the email.  Merge fields show in curly brackets { } will pull information from Cyber Recruiter to post into the email. 

Merge fields can be added to the emails to make them custom to the user who will receive it.  To add a merge field, place the cursor on the page where the merge field should appear.  Then, go to the "Fields" drop-down box and find the field to add and press the "Add" button. 

Available Merge fields include:

Field  Merges ... Information 
User ID "User ID" stored under Admin > Security > User Security for the user who is receiving this email.  This is the field used to log into the system.
User Name "User Name" stored under Admin > Security > User Security for the user who is receiving this email.
Password Password for this user.  This field is not shown at all in the system because it is encrypted in the database.
Link to Login Page Link to the login page of Cyber Recruiter.
Current Date Date connected to the date/time this email is generated.
Current Time Time connected to the date/time this email is generated.

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