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Careers with Navigation

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When Should I Use This Option?

  1. My applicant population mostly applies on computers at home or via kiosks in our office. 
  2. My company wants a website with full navigation that is branded like our corporate site so the applicant has as "seamless" an experience as possible.

What Do I Need to Know?

  1. This option requires programming by a web designer on your side to develop a template "frame" to use for the project.
  2. This option merges technology from the template with controls developed for use in Cyber Recruiter to pull content from Cyber Recruiter to the branded page.
  3. Because technologies are merging (java script, cascading style sheets, html code and controls, etc.) there can be conflicts which need to be resolved for optimum display.  Each browser can read a web page differently and display the same content slightly different.
  4. This is a custom project, unique to your organization.  If changes occur on your corporate website, change will need to be made to this page as well. 
  5. Once the page is created, Visibility Software does not send updates to the .aspx pages  OR the .css pages because this would overwrite your hard work.  If new attributes or styles are added and available, these are manually entered based on the available release notes. 

What Do I Need to Do?

  1. Before starting to build a template, take a minute to determine what the ‘frame’ should look like.  These few items should be discussed by both IT and HR before providing a template.
    1. Is your site going to be on a non-Windows environment?
      1. No – wonderful, next question.
      2. Yes – The Cyber Recruiter careers pages MUST be on a web server which can run .NET.  If this is not possible under the current server design, please discuss this with your consultant.  
    2. If mirroring the current site, will the site have a left-hand navigation bar?  
      1. No – great, next question.
      2. Yes – there are two things to consider.  First, the Self Service module already has a left-hand navigation menu and we find that applicants can be confused when there are nested menus.  Second, depending on the space provided, the left-hand navigation may take up more room than will make the page appear nicely to applicants. We highly recommend removing any left-hand navigation from the template.  However, if it needs to stay, we recommend making two templates – one that will be used for the Careers site (first page) and another without the navigation which can be used for the Self Service and Agency portal pages.
    3. Does your site have a search box?
      1. No – next question
      2. Yes – please remove this from the template because it will cause issues with the web page when the page is developed.
    4. Does your site have a lot of links (top, bottom, sides, etc.)?
      1. No –next question
      2. Yes – think about eliminating the links which are not relevant for quick navigation out of the careers section.  Keep what must be there but try to keep it simple for the applicant’s to navigate when looking for jobs and when applying.  We find that the fewer the links on the page, the less likely applicants are to click out of the page when reviewing your important information.
    5. Will this site be placed on a secure server (https)?
      1. No – next question
      2. Yes – when sending over items for the template be sure to include all the images, java scripts, flash etc. which will be referenced.  We will need to embed this into the website project so the page can display properly and not prompt the applicant to ‘show all secure and unsecure’ content
    6. Will your website frame change frequently?
      1. No – all done.
      2. Yes – you may want to discuss using an iFrame instead of providing a template.  This would allow for our content to be referenced by the iFrame so the page does not have to be re-done frequently. However, before moving forward with this design, take these additional items into consideration.
  2. The general idea is to start with a pure HTML template that has the look and feel of your existing website but leaves the primary part of the page empty so that coding for Cyber Recruiter -specific user controls can be installed. When sending the template to Visibility Software, please remember to include any supporting \images folders, javascript files, or stylesheets.

Can I Do This On My Own?

Typically, no. This would be a project contracted with Visibility Software. Please reach out to our support team for additional information and pricing on this option. 


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