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Agency Portal

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This section is not a feature available to those system on the Express Version.

The Agency Portal provides staffing agencies access to submit Applicant information online to the organization. Agencies can be set up with multiple contacts and each contact can have access to this portal. Designate the jobs the agencies should post Applicants to and then agencies can submit basic contact information, resume and add a note as needed.

When Applicant information is submitted to the system, an Applicant file is created and added to the requisition. The Referral Source field is flagged as being submitted by the agency and a new page is added to the Applicant File > to track which agency and which contact at that agency submitted this applicant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a separate web page and to use it will require a new page be designed - either by Visibility Software or internally (reference the Installation Guide; section to create a web page).

Recommended Setup Order

It is recommended that the Agency Portal be set up in the following order (different than the display of the menu items) in order to avoid having to review pages multiple times.

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