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Applicants by Skill

This report pulls all applicants/employees in the system based on your filtering criteria so that you can see at a glimpse how many people have a certain skill set. For example, if you wanted to get an overall ideas of what your employee's have a certain skill, you could filter this report to HIRED and check it out. Additionally, if you do have a position becoming available and you want to see what applicants might have certain skills for a certain 'Position Desired', this could help with this analysis. You could do some of the in the applicant searching area of the system but that will return a list of applicants to which you will need to through each profile one by one to see how strong each is in his or her skill. This pulls all persons together for complete review.

Filter Options

  1. Date Range: Enter the date range for comparison against a date
    1. Application Date Range: Pulls from the Applicant File > Status/History Page > Original Application Date
    2. Last Assigned Date Range: Pulls from the Applicant File > Activity Page > Assigned Reqs Tab > Assign Date (Most Recent One)
  2. Applicant Status: Pulls from the Applicant File > Status/History Page > Overall Status
  3. Referral Source: Pulls from the Applicant File > Application Page > General Tab > Referral Source
  4. Skills: Pulls from the Applicant File > Experience Page > Skills Tab > Skills

Report Results

Grouped By: Skill (Applicant File > Skills Page)

  • Column 1: Applicant Name (Applicant File > Demographics Page)
  • Column 2: Application Date (Applicant File > Status/History Page)
  • Column 3: Years (Applicant File > Skills Page)

Each skill is subtotalled and will list the number of individuals with the skill and the total years (if completed) for all the individuals with the skill.

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