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Drop-Down Values (Codes)

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Page Location: Admin > Codes

Drop-down Values are used to save time and effort, ensure accuracy and consistency, and to customize information to meet your organization's needs. The majority of the drop-down values are controlled by the items in Admin > Codes. If something needs to be added to a drop-down list – start there.

(1) Recruiters & Managers – These are stored in Admin > Security > Users  
(2) Answers to Questions created in Page Builder – These are stored with the question in Page Builder
(3) Hard Coded Codes - Some codes, such as those for Self-Service View, some EEO and Veterans Information and Standard Application Questions (Yes/No) are hard coded and cannot be changed.

All code tables contain at least two elements - a Code and a Description. However, some tables allow for additional elements such as an Inactive checkbox (used to remove the code from the Users' or Applicants' view;) Category and Synonyms (Skill Codes;) Minimum, Maximum and Per (Salary Grades;) Users, Overall and Notification (Applicant Statuses) and others.

The sort order for codes in the applicant/user views is generally alphabetically by description, which is why in some cases numbers may be used in the beginning of the description to help organize the sort order.

When adding codes, the character strings of "SP_" or "X_" cannot be used.  For example, X_NOT SELECTED.  Even if the system allows for the code or character string to be saved, it will cause operation problems later if these strings are used.  Instead use a dash (-). 

Each code table has a few items which are consistent:
  • Printer Icon - this icon will run a report of the current code listing.  Once the report is run, the report can be printed or exported to excel.
  • Show Active checkbox - if a code table has the option to inactivate codes, this box will show at the top of the page allowing the user to show all the codes or only the Active codes.
  • Add New Record - click on this link add codes.
  • Pencil Icon - click on this to edit description and/or attributes connected to a code (the code itself cannot be changed).
  • X Icon - click on this to remove a code. NOTE: if the code is removed it does not remove the raw data from the applicant or requisition. The code will remain but there will be no reference back to the setup to determine what the code represented. Also, if the applicant or requisition information is edited and the changes saved after the code is deleted, this could leave a hole in the applicants data.
  • Copy Link - click on this link to copy codes from another code table into this code table. 
  • Import Link - click on this link to import codes into this table from a .csv file.  Each code detail in this section will include the correct "importing code key," although most of the standard tables are listed in the Import Code Table process so the key would not be required.

Creating Codes

Important Considerations:  Cyber Recruiter codes cannot contain certain symbols such as commas, quotes, periods, apostrophes or ampersands and the user will get an error message when trying to enter or import codes containing them. There are also certain character combinations that must be avoided because Cyber Recruiter is programmed to strip them (even if they are in the middle of a code or description) as they can be used by others to reference potentially dangerous procedures or scripts that could cause harm to your Cyber Recruiter system.  These combinations include: SP_ or sp_ and  XP_ or xp_.   Also a double dash will be converted to a single dash.  There are a few other combinations not listed here that could be stripped, but it is extremely unlikely that they would be used in codes or descriptions.

After clicking "Add new record." enter in the necessary information to create a new code.

Field Purpose
Code Unique Identifier for the drop-down option. This code is written in the raw data and is referenced to determine the description to show on the screen. If the code is removed from the Admin > Codes section, this value will still be in the Applicant or Requisition file for reporting purposes unless the file is edited and saved after the code was deleted.
When importing data for Applicants or Requisitions use this value and NOT Descriptions for the import spreadsheets.
Description This is what is displayed on the screens and on the website for searching.

Inactivating Codes

Some codes can be inactivated. When the code is inactivated it will no longer be an option to select when updating the system or displayed in grouping/search options on the website. Inactive codes in search lists and reports inside Cyber Recruiter will be segmented so all active codes appear first and then inactive codes appear under a header ---Inactive---

To inactivate a code, edit the code and checkmark the option for 'Inactive'.

NOTE: If a code cannot be inactivated, it is not recommended to delete the code as this could cause "holes" in your data. Instead, consider adding a "z" to the beginning of the Description field as this will move the code to the bottom of the list.

Set Up Only The Codes You Need