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Reviewing Jobs

Search Results

Depending on the search options defined and the option chosen by the applicant, one of two views will be displayed for the first level of reviewing jobs. Click on the section heading to see a view of each option.

Single Page

The single page view is perfect if the search results in 1-25 jobs.  This view is sorted job title and up to four additional pieces of information related to the job as well as the first 100 characters of the job description can be displayed.

Table View

The table view is perfect if the search results is 25 jobs or more OR if the look of the website should be very clean and linear.  This view puts everything in a table starting with the job title in the left-most column and up to four additional pieces of information related to the job which can then be re-sorted in the table for quick evaluation of all the jobs based on key elements. 

Job Description

The job description page can be accessed from the search results by clicking on the job title hyperlink.  The job description is 100% configurable by the company and is dynamically integrated to Cyber Recruiter so that changing something in the administrative view will update the website automatically.

The bottom section of the page allows for the applicant to apply to the job or to refer a friend to this job (this feature has been temporarily disabled). 

Additional options which could be turned on include:

Facebook Integration: New to version 7.2 to "Like" a Job on Facebook. From the Job Description page, an applicant can post a hyperlink to an his/her profile page of Facebook which allows for a re-direct back to the Careers Portal to this specific job.  Listed below the posting date is a "Like" icon; press the icon to update the profile page of Facebook automatically. 

LinkedIn Integration: New to version 8.0 is a "Apply with LinkedIn" button.  From the Job Description page, an applicant can click on this link and the system will pull the information from LinkedIn over to Cyber Recruiter.  Because LinkedIn does not have all the information which could be collected during the normal application process, after completing the process, the applicant will receive the information related to the profile create and a link to finish the applicant process in the Self Service module.  

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