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Applicant - Offer Approval Form

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Page Location: Admin > Page Builder > Applicant > Offer Approval Form

If a significant change to a question needs to be made, instead of changing the wording in Page Builder, edit the question and check the 'hidden' field.  This will save the question and applicant answers for historical purposes.  Then, make a new question with the new wording and options. Changing the wording in Page Builder will change the wording throughout the system, even on applicants who have previously answered the question with different wording. 



The Offer Approval Form menu item of Admin > Page Builder > Applicant defines the questions to ask the User who starts the offer approval process (Questions flagged ‘Hidden’ do NOT appear on the Offer Approval Page, rather are stored for historical purposes).

This page is split into two sections.  The Questions which are presented to the person requesting the approval and the approval workflow.


The sections section has two components, the questions themselves and groups which can be assigned to the questions.  Groups are very simple and only contain a Code and a Description.  The Description will appear on the Offer Request Form and help to organize the questions.  It is recommended that the groups be built first because the group is assigned to the questions.  Click on the words "Add New Record" to add a question or a group.  Once a record is created, use the icon to edit the record and make changes.

Field  Purpose 
Text Box Enter in the desired question.  This shows to users who is adding or editing an offer request.  It will also show if the merge field for offer questions is added to the Offer Approval email.   

It is recommended that something in the question denote if the question is required.  Enter a * or type in Required, etc.
Order Controls the order the question will show in comparison to the rest of the questions.  On the Offer Request form, the questions will show first assigned by the group and then based on the order number assigned.
Group Select a group (if there are groups set up) to help organize the type of questions. 
Required Specify if this question should be required.  If it is required, the user will not be able to submit the request until the answer to the question is completed. 
Answer Type Select what type of answer is allowed for this question. 
Short Text = provides a space for about 30 characters worth of information
Long Text = provides a space for a short paragraph
Drop-Down= the page will refresh and allow the user to enter in all the possible answers.  If using this option, be sure to separate the answered with a semi-colon (;).
Hidden This field is only seen if editing a previously created question.  It allows for the question to be removed from the page going forward but will maintain the question and answers which have previously been answered.

If a question is 'hidden' then it will appear in the question list only when the 'Show Hidden' box is checked.  When this box is checked, the row will appear in another color to denote the status of the question.

Approval Workflow

This section of the setup also has two sections.  The top section is designed to provide instructions on the Offer Request page for the user.  This message will appear in red on the top of the form so the user know that the information is different than the rest of the form.

The bottom section of the page determines the approval process.  Up to 5 approvers can be included in the approval process for an offer. 

To activate an approval level, type in a caption using the space provided next to the approver level to activate.  If no caption is entered the approval level removed from the Offer Request form.  

Using the 'Users' column, if all users of Cyber Recruiter should appear in the drop-down box for potential selection or if a shorter list of user should be displayed based on the Security Group assigned. 

Finally, check the box for 'Required' if this level of the approval process should not be skipped.  This will force the user to select someone as an approver and prevent an offer from being entered in which is automatically approved.

NOTE: If no approvers are defined, then the offer is entered it will be automatically 'Approved'.  In addition, if none of the approvers are required an offer could be entered without an approval process an the offer would default to the status of 'Approved'.

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