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Posting to ZipRecruiter

This page allows a user (specified in Group Security) to push a job to ZipRecruiter.  Depending on the setting established under the setup section, will determine how much information is needed on this page.  Fields not mapped to other location will allow for a value to be entered on the ZipRecruiter page before posting.  Sent by, Sent on, and Expire date will automatically complete after the posting is sent to ZipRecruiter.


A few things to know about this service

  • You can update the job as often as you want.  If you need to resent the job, press the Included in Boost button to send the updated information. 
  • Jobs are removed automatically from the ZipRecruiter feed after 30 days
  • If a job needs to be boosted after the initial 30 days, re-boost it 3 days after the original expiration.
  • A "single" post (don't check the "boost" option) is $99 for over 100 job boards
  • A "double" post (check mark the "boost" option) is $199 and includes jobs boards, pay per click, and highlighting jobs to 4 million applicants in the ZipRecruiter database.
  • A URL back to your job posting on the careers site will automatically be included with the posting to ZipRecruiter. 



Field  Note
Company Name
Postal Code
Job Description Preview  This field will always be read only and is created based on the setup of the job description in the admin section. 
Boost Posting Check this box to send an additional boost to ZipRecruiter.  Selecting this option will send the job to additional job boards and networks within the ZipRecruiter structure.  It usage will use 2 posting credits (instead of 1).
Send Now Button When ready, press the Send Now! button to send the job to ZipRecruiter.
Sent by: Who initiated this post 
Sent on: Date the post was send 
Expire date: Date the posting will expire 

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