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Taking Action


Once a search is run, the results based on the search will display. The only two items on this page which will ALWAYS show are the applicant name and the resume.  The layout options for this page are controlled via a Page Builder setting and could also be overwritten based on by individual user preferences.   Each column with dynamic content will appear with a black header and has the ability to be sorted by the content in the column.  


The results page allows the user to view information and to, potentially, communicate and make global changes depending on the security settings. Select the applicants by clicking on the check-box next to his/her and use the button to take action. 


Option  Purpose 
Change Status   Change the Overall Status on a group of applicant. 
Export Export the group of applicants to a spreadsheet.
Mass route a group of applicants to a specific user(s) in the system.  
Email Mass email a group of applicants.  The process will walk the user through a wizard to send a standardized, customized email to each applicant. 


​Each column in black with an underline can be resorted by that value. 


Email Applicants


Any applicant in the Search Results can be emailed.  This feature can be used to email employees (soliciting employee referrals or applications for internal position) or applicants (asking interest or instructing to move to the next step).

From the Search results view, check-mark the line item for the applicants to route and press the EMAIL button on the top of the page.

When adding a record be sure to review all fields pressing the SAVE CHANGES and trigger any emails.



 Page 1 Field  Purpose 


Select which requisition this email is related to so the email can merge the requisition information for the person receiving the evaluation request. If a requisition was selected when the search was performed it will fill in the same requisition automatically. 



If the applicant should be connected to this position (in addition to sending the email) select which status should be assigned.  If the person is already connected to the position, he/she will not be added a second time. 


NOTE: If you connect a person to a job, it is recommended that the status reflect this action (Applicant Added From Search, for example). From the applicant's view in the Self Service Module, the applicant can complete the application from the Job Browsing/History page by clicking on the Incomplete link. 

  Email Format


Select if this email will be typed out during this process or if there is a template which should be selected.  If a template is selected, the page will refresh with the template options.

 Page 2 Field Purpose


Enter a subject for this email (or modify it).  This will be the subject of the email the applicant will see.

  Email Content


Complete the email communication which will be sent to the applicant.  Anything which appears in curly brackets {} will merge data from the system.  Only requisition and applicant information is available to merge into email.  



Add {PublicJobPage} to the email to embed a link directly to your public job posting for quick review of your job.

Add {SSJpbPage} to the email to embed a link to the job description inside the self service module.  This is a great option if you are NOT connecting the person to the job on the previous page. 



If additional merge fields need to be added to the page, use the drop-down list to find the merge field and press 'Add' to add it to the email. 

  Standard Attachments


Highlight any attachments stored inside Cyber Recruiter which should be sent out to the applicant with the email. 

  Additional Attachments


Use the 'Select' button to find documents on the computer or server which should be included with the email to the applicant. 

Page 3 Fields




Review the preview to make sure all the merge fields merged correctly.  If they didn't, use the back or cancel button to return to the previous page to make corrections to the email.  


Press the save button when complete.

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