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Assigned Reqs

Page Location: Applicant File > Activity > Assigned Reqs

This page was updated with version 9.1. 

Based on Group Security settings, users can add, edit or delete connected requisitions. 

The Activity page represents all the work YOUR company is doing with this individual.  The numbers in the drop-down represent the number of records on each tab of this page. 

The first tab (Assigned Reqs) stores all of the requisitions for which this applicant is connected. All jobs will show on this page regardless of security access to see the position details.  If the User Security prevents viewing of a job, the job will not be a hyperlink to access the details and the status will not be accessible for changing. 

Requisitions are automatically sorted by the Requisition Code but the table can be resorted by clicking on the header of the column. 

Column Value 
Requisition Displays the Requisition name as a hyperlink.  Clicking on the hyperlink directs the user to the last previously viewed page of the Requisition file.
Assign Date  Displays the date this applicant was connected to this requisition.
Status (Date) Displays the current status of this applicant for this requisition.  Based on security, this field may be a hyperlink.  Clicking on the hyperlink will allow the user to change the status for this applicant. The date in parenthesis displays the date the current status occurred.

The check box at the top of the page helps control the number of records displayed on the page. Check the box to limit the record to all non-closed (Open) positions to which this applicant has applied.

Button options on the top of the page allow the user to mass update the requisitions listed on the page.  Check mark the rows first and then use the button below the table to take action.

Button Purpose  Controlled By... 
Delete Removes the requisition record from the applicant. 
Taking this action only removes the requisition from this applicant and a history record is recorded noting the change.
Group Security for the Applicants > Assigned Reqs must have "Update" access to this page to perform this action.
Change Status Allows the user mass change the status for one or more applicants related to this requisition. Group Security for the Applicants > Can Change Status? must be set to "Yes" to perform this action.

Adding New Requisitions

Users must have "Add Only" or "Update" access to this page to perform this function. Above the table of Requisitions, click the "Add New Record" link to add additional requisitions to the applicant. 

The page allows for multiple options and should be completed on a case by case basis. Once the options are selected, press the disk icon to save the changes and trigger the appropriate actions.

Field  Purpose 
Requisition This will show the requisition code and title (sorted by code).  All positions are listed so historical records can be filled in for previously closed positions.  Use the drop-down list to select the correct requisition.
Referral Category Select the Referral Category for this applicant related to this requisition.
Referral Source Select the Referral Source for this applicant related to this requisition.
Other Source Tracks the 'other' source (typically the referral source's name) captured on the online application. 
Assign Date Enter the date this person applied for this requisition.  The date will default to the current date but can be updated.
Status Select an option from the drop-down to change the status of this applicant related to the requisition selected. Selecting nothing will display the status of [NONE].
Update Overall status also Checkmark this option to update the overall status of the Applicant with the same status selected for this requisition.  This option will only appear if the status selected is defined as an Overall status in the code setup.
Also Route To... Highlight the people who should evaluate this applicant. 
A separate "routing" record will be added to the routings page for each person highlighted.
Route to supervisor of this requisition     Checkmark this option to send a routing record to the supervisor for the requisition selected.  Users do NOT need to also highlight the name in the list.
Routing Note Enter a note which will be send to all the evaluators selected in the "Route To" field.
Email Check this option to send individual evaluation emails to each person selected.  This is the recommended option.
Allow response Check-mark this option to include the list of valid responses in the email AND record an action on the Home Page so the recipient has a list of open items.
Email response back to sender Check-mark this option to ensure the system sends an email with the response of the evaluator back to the sender when a response is recorded via Email or from the Home Page.
Update applicant's req status Check-mark this option to update the status of the applicant connected to the requisition for which this evaluation is being performed.
NOTE: This option is only available when sending a routing to ONE (1) recipient at a time in order to prevent each recipient from overwriting the previous user’s response.
Add to Inbox(es) Check-mark this option to add this applicant's record to the Inbox view for the intended evaluators.

Editing Applicant Details

Users must have "View Only" or "Add Only" access to see the edit icon.  The user will not be able to make changes unless he/she has "Update" access to this page.  Each record can be edited and additional fields are nested in the details for additional tracking.

Field  Purpose 
General Tab > Requisition This will show the code and title of the requisition selected on the previous page. It cannot be changed but is shown for verification purposes.
General Tab > Referral Category Displays the Referral Category for this applicant related to this requisition.
General Tab > Referral Source Displays the Referral Source for this applicant related to this requisition.
General Tab > Assign Date This is the date the person was assigned (applied to) this requisition.
General Tab > Current Status This displays the applicant's current status for the requisition.  Click on the words "Current Status" to change the status, add notes about the status and email Recruiter/Manager of the change.
General Tab > Status Date This is the date of the current status.  If the status is changed the date will automatically be updated after the change is saved.
Actions Done This field works in conjunction with the Actions tab of the Careers Portal and the Self Service View of the applicant.  If this field is set to "No", when the applicant finishes the online application process it will trigger that actions - changing the status, sending routings, adding to inboxes, etc.
Miscellaneous Tab > Misc 1 -10 Miscellaneous fields can be added to track addition information related to this applicant specific to this requisition.  For example - mark an applicant as "Internal" for AAP reporting or enter test scores specific to this position for this applicant.

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