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Set Up a User

Setting up your user profile should be one of the first task you complete once training and implementation has started. Once you have created your user profile, always log into Cyber Recruiter using that profile.


  1. Log into your Cyber Recruiter using the following credentials
    1. User Name: Admin
    2. Password: cradmin


  2. Go to Admin > Security > Users


  3. Locate a user who is in the same security group that the new user will be in


  4. Click the Copy icon at the end of the selected user’s row


 New User ID  First initial of first name and full last name 
 User Name  Full Name (example: John Smith)
 Initials  All initials (example: JS)
 Email  Enter your email address
 Password  Enter a password (generic like 12345) or something that you will remember
 Confirm Password  Repeat the Password
 Change Password  Optional (check the box if you enter a generic password or you setting up a user account for someone else.
 Click Save Changes Icon  




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