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Applicant - Onboarding Process

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Page Location: Admin > Page Builder > Applicant > Onboarding Process

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Fillable Forms

The On-boarding Process defines an automated process of hiring an Applicant in Cyber Recruiter.  This setup page allows the Administrator to decide what pieces of the system should be reviewed when using the On-boarding Process so it is configured based on the needs of each company.

Enabling this option will make a 5th tab appear on the Applicant's Activity page "On-boarding". 


Setup Tab

Selecting options on this page will define the options available to the user to select during the on-boarding process.  The user will be able to select the specific item during the actual on-boarding process.  HOWEVER, selecting an item in the setup page determines the progress assigned through the on-boarding process. For example, if 5 items are selected, when the Applicant is on-boarded, if only 3 items are completed then the process will appear as 60% until all items are completed.


Option Action  Replaces 
Send Job Closed Notification

Allows Users to review all other Applicants assigned to the position and to globally send an email that the Position is Filled and remove the Applicants from any Inbox to which they are assigned.  

Do this instead of reviewing the "Applicants" page and the sending "Not Selected" emails.
Add Applicant Tasks

Launches the Task page so tasks can be added to the applicants page for the on-boarding process.  


This is especially helpful if the Questions page is being used or if there are emails (to users or non-users) to be sent to different team member each with different instructions needed and workflow needs to be tracked.

Do this instead of going straight to the Task page in the applicant file.
Send Internal Emails

Sends an Email to the those users of Cyber Recruiter who need to help setup the New Employee (Examples: IT Department, Training Manager, etc).  The message is the same for all users who receive the email and no workflow is tracked).


Do this instead of sending emails outside of Cyber Recruiter.

Click on this icon to pick the default people who should receive this email.
Send ‘New Employee’ Email Send an email to the New Employee welcoming them to the organization. Do this instead of sending an email via the Correspondence page.
Review Demographics
Allows Users to review the Contact Information, EEO and Resume one last time before moving the information over to the HRIS integration.
Do this instead of reviewing the demographics page of the applicant's file.
Transfer to HR Product Launches the HR/Payroll system selected. Do this instead of accessing the standard HRIS integration page.
  Sage HRMS 
SQL dynamic, FoxPro dynamic or File Transfer to Sage HRMS  
  ADP File Transfer to ADP  
  Deltek Costpoint File Transfer to Deltek Costpoint  
  Deltek GCS Premier File Transfer to GCS Premier  
  Deltek Vision SQL dynamic transfer to Deltek Vision  
  Great Plains File Transfer to Great Plains  
  HR Office File Transfer to HR Office  
  HR-XML Generic File Transfer  
  JD Edwards File Transfer to JD Edwards  
  Lawson SQL link to special SQL table in Lawson  
  Abila Web Transfer to Abila via Employee Web Services module  
  Custom Pages Select a Custom page which should prompt at the end of the process  

Questions Tab

This page is designed to create another data gathering point of information from the Applicant outside the application process.  

Express and Professional

This Questions tab allows for the company to develop a form to collect additional information and to allow the applicant to verify information already in the system. The fields available will are standard fields which are already part of the system (name, demographic information, vets questions, ssn, etc.) and is designed to pull more information into the system during the hire process which can then be leveraged in data exports. The feature piggy backs off of the ‘tasks’ feature already in the system which allows for customized workflow. A task can be assigned to the applicant with a due date, the applicant can then use the self-service portal to review the form and submit answers. Upon completing the questionnaire, the information is stored in Cyber Recruiter and an individual can be notified of the updated information. 


NOTE: When creating a new field, do not use special characters in the field name (#$%^&*:;). Using these characters will prevent the form from displaying in the self service module and merging the fields correctly.


In addition to the features available in the Express and Professional versions, this tab has the ability to develop additional questions which aren't standard in cyber recruiter that will post to the questionnaire. This feature can be used in conjunction with the Fillable Forms feature.  In this case, the applicant would still fill out the questionnaire page (like in Express or Professional); it then allows the applicant to merge the answers provided into PDF documents which the applicant can review and approve. Once approved by the applicant the documents are stored in the applicant file under ‘attachments’ and a user can review and approve the document for the company. Unlimited fillable forms can be added to the system (I9, W4, background check authorization, employee handbook sign-off, etc.) so when employees are on-boarding, it makes the process more paperless.


Version 9.0 is pre-loaded with standard fields which are part of the applicant file.  Standard question captions can be renamed and the arrangement and view on the page updated.  Standard questions cannot be deleted from the list so if they should not show on the Questions page, un-check the Active box.  The type of question (changing from text to date) cannot be modified for Standard fields.


Enterprise has the option to create additional questions, (click 'Add New Record' above the table).  Once a field is added, the Field Name and the type of answer expected (drop-down, long text, short text) cannot change. 


 Column Purpose
 Edit  Click on the icon to access the setup page for the field/question.  
 Field Name

For Standard question this is the actual field name in the table.  For custom questions, this is a unique value associated with this specific questions.  

This value cannot change after the record is added so, for Enterprise level systems, determining a naming scheme prior to adding in a field is key.

When using the 'Fillable Forms' feature, this is the value which is embedded into the form so Cyber Recruiter knows which value to pull from the database into the form. 

 Question Type in the question as it should be presented to the applicant.  The question could be 'First Name' or it could be updated to be friendly 'What is your first name?'

For Standard fields this will default to the field type already assigned to the field.  For custom questions, the values are Short Text, Long Text or Drop-down.  Selecting Drop-down will refresh the page and allow the creator of the field to enter in values which are acceptable to this question. 

 Order Use this column to move the question up or down on the questions form.  Movement of the question controls the view presented to the user on the Questions page as well as the Applicant on the corresponding page. 
 Active Check or uncheck this box to make the question active and viewable on the page.
 Required Check or uncheck this box to make the question required on the page.  NOTE: this setting makes the field required for the user OR the applicant. 



Page Instructions: Below the list of questions is a section which will title the page for the Applicant and allow the user to enter an instructional message. 


Fillable Forms Tab

This feature allows for merging of fields into PDF forms. This leverages data in Cyber Recruiter to pre-fill forms which can then be signed and approved by the applicant and stored in the applicant's attachments page. This feature is not available at the Express or Professional level of Cyber Recruiter. 


Forms must be created outside of Cyber Recruiter and must be in a PDF format.  The first step is to create a form and embed field names into the fields which should be automatically filled in by Cyber Recruiter (first name, last name, etc.).  

  1. The field name MUST match what is already in Cyber Recruiter.  For example, the field name for First Name is "FirstName" so if a PDF is created with "fname" the value will not be found and the merge will not occur.  The list of fields show on the Questions tab of the On-boarding process setup.  In addition, the following fields can be used on the merge document:
    1. FirstLast - pulls the applicant name in a FirstName LastName format.
    2. LastFirst - pulls the applicant name in a LastName, FirstName format.
    3. MiddleInitial - pulls the first letter of the applicant's middle name.
    4. SSNNoDash - pulls the social security number with just numbers and no dashes.
    5. StateAbv - pulls the code for the state listed in the address instead of the full name. 
    6. Signature - will merge the name of the employee in a signature font (instead of just the name).
    7. SignatureDate - will auto fill the section with the date the form was signed.
  2. Check out the Administrator videos for additional information on building out PDFs and using advanced features (check-boxes, radio boxes, etc.). A tool which can be helpful to open PDFs to embed fields is
  3. The file name used during the import will be what the attachment is called in the Applicant file so, make the names of the files relevant (for example DOC001 and DOC002 won't be as helpful as W4-2016 or 19-2016 or Handbook, etc.)

Once the PDF is created, press the 'Add New Record' link to import in a new PDF form.  After the PDF form is uploaded it will display in the file in the table.


NOTED: Forms cannot be replaced.  If an updated form is needed, it must be deleted and a new form added. Before deleting a form, be sure to save any Instructions so you don't have to recreate them. 


Column Purpose 
File Name Displays the name of the file
Instructions Click on the icon to enter an instructional message which is presented to the applicant when he/she is viewing this specific form. An editing tool has been placed in this section to allow for HTML formatting of information on the page so you can include links to additional documents, if needed.
Mapped Fields Click on the icon to double check that all the fields which could be merged in the pdf document are correctly mapped back to the correct field names in Cyber Recruiter.. The report which appears will display the field name in the PDF and the verification column will display if the field matches something in Cyber Recruiter.  If the caption reads no matching field found, the PDF should be updated and the field name changed so it matches something in the Questions list. 
Last Modified Displays the date the file was uploaded or last time the instructions were updated.
Last Modified By Displays the name of the user who uploaded the file or changed the instructions. 


Disclosure Tab

Use this tab to create an electronic signature authorization for the fillable forms.  This will appear as the applicant is approving the information which has been merged into the various forms. 

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