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Approve an Offer

The following steps will help guide you through the offer approval process

  1. The Approver receives the Offer Approval Email
  2. Preview the Offer Terms
  3. Click the Accept / Deny hyperlink option in the email
  4. Type in an additional note if needed
  5. Click submit
  6. If accepted the offer approval request is sent to the next Approver as needed and the Recruiter and Hiring Manager are notified
  7. The Final Approver completes the process and the offer will change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Approved’
  8. Change the status of the applicant via the Activity Page > Assigned Reqs tab to ’5b-Offer Approved


If an offer is denied the Recruiter and Hiring Manager are notified and the process stops.  If Offer is disapproved or if the Applicant negotiates and a new offer needs to be Approved, the Recruiter can do the following:


  1. Click the edit pencil next to the original offer in the Applicant’s file (Applicant > Find Applicant > Activity page > Offers tab, to modify the original offer
  2. Restart the Approval process by clicking the link at the bottom of the Approvals tab
  3. -OR-

  1. Create a new offer if you need to keep a record of the original request/offer using the steps above


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