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Building a Skills Catalog

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Page Location: Admin > Processes > Skills Catalog

There are two different ways to track applicant experience data in Cyber Recruiter - via a resume or via the various database fields (degrees, security clearances, skills, etc.).

Building a skills catalog is a powerful way to leverage the information stored in a resume and to port it over to a database field which is easier to search.  Skills can not only have a code (OUTLOOK) but a description (Microsoft Outlook) as well as synonyms which are different words which may be in a resume that actually mean the same thing (MS Outlook,  Outlook2003, Outlook2012, etc.).

The Skill Catalog page provides the ability to mass search the text version of a resume for the key words which all related to a specific skill.  If matches are found, it will place the skill in the Applicant File > Experience Page > Skills Tab. Once the skills are added, skills searches can be run instead of using the Resume Text Search which will allows for expanded search criteria.  

Before using this process make sure

  1. The skills are defined in Admin > Codes > Skills
  2. Add any synonyms for the skill so other text in the resume which is equivalent of this skill can be found
  3. Add all the text versions of the resumes to the applicant's profile.

To use this page, highlight the skill(s) which should be analyzed in the text version of the resume. Select a Status if the list of applicants should be filtered based on the Overall Status assigned to the applicant profile. Enter a Date Range if the list of applicants should be filtered based on the Application Date defined in the applicant profile. Press the  icon to save the criteria and run the search. 

The search will run and update all the applicants.  During the process, a screen will appear with a status of completion.  Once complete, the user will be emailed a summary report listing all the skills which were searched and the number of applicants to which the skill was added.

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