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Route From the Applicant's File

The following steps will assist you in routing from the activity page of the applicant's file


  1. In the Applicants file go to the Activity page
  2. Click on the Routings tab
  3. Click on Add New Record
  4. Highlight the name(s) in the Route To box, or after selecting a Requisition, check the box to “Route to supervisor of this Requisition” (verify the appropriate hiring manager’s name appears after doing so)
  5. Route Date will default to today’s date but may be changed
  6. Select “3-Routed to Hiring Manager” in the Change Status to field
  7. Select the requisition from the drop down list
  8. Enter a note to the recipient(s) if desired
  9. Check “Email”
  10. Check “Allow response from email” (must be checked for the status response links to be included in the routing email.)
  11. Check “Email response back to sender” if desired
  12. Check “Update applicant’s req status” if desired (only available if sending to one person)
  13. Check the Add to Inbox(es) field if you would like the routed information to go to the recipient’s Cyber Recruiter Inbox
  14. Click Save Changes icon

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