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NetSuite New to Version 8.0

Once the NetSuite interface is enabled, a NetSuite Page in the Applicant File will appear for the user specified in the setup. This page will appear for all applicants but should only be completed for those who should be sent over to NetSuite. This page can be set up to be the final page of the New Hire process as well. To start the process when not completing it through the New Hire process, find the individual’s record that will be exported to NetSuite. 

Once the Applicant is located, use the NetSuite Page to enter data that does not already exist in the Cyber Recruiter product. This information will be transferred in addition to the required pieces of information necessary for the transfer. Even though some of these fields on these tabs are not required it is good practice to fill out as much as possible to have the most complete record.

Items marked with an * on the page and highlighted here in red are required fields.  If the fields are not completed, the record cannot be saved and will not be transferred into NetSuite.

Tab Field  Purpose
Employee No* This will automatically fill in based on the next number available in NetSuite.  This will be the unique ID assigned to this employe in NetSuite.
Hire Date* Enter the date the employee is hired.
Demographics     First Name* Information on this tab pulls from the Demographics > General page for fields of the same name.  The 'Email' field will pull from the 'Home Email Address' on the demographics page.
Changing this field will change it on the standard Demographics page as well.
Middle Name
Last Name*
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell Phone
Street 1
Street 2
  Zip / Postal Code
EEO SSN/SIN* Information on this tab pulls from the Demographics > EEO page for fields of the same name. 

Selections for the 'Ethnicity' and 'Marital Status' are Cyber Recruiter values.  Based on the translations set on the Setup page this will be changed during the hire process.

Changing this field will change it on the standard Demographics page as well.
  Marital Status
  Birth Date
Other Status Fields on this tab pull valuse from NetSuite directly. Select the appropriate value for each of the fields for this new employee

Job Title does not have a drop-down value and should be typed in manuallly.

Salary must be entered in as a number value. 
  Job Title
  Pay Frequency
  Compensation Type

Press the  icon to save the data but NOT send it over to NetSuite.  Once all the information is correct on the page, click the link Hire Into NetSuite. Clicking this link without pressing the Save icon will save the page and send the information to NetSuite.  Once the data has been successfully transferred to NetSuite the message on the bottom of the page will change to indicate a successful transfer.  For example: Applicant transferred to NetSuite on 4/15/2013.  

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