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Any applicant in the Inbox view can be routed to a user of the system for evaluation.  The Routing process is designed gather feedback from evaluators which will dictate the next step in the process. 

Adding Routings

From the Inbox view, check-mark the line item for the applicants to route and press the ROUTE button on the top of the page.

Adding a new routing record adds details on the Home Page > Actions Items and can send an emails to the evaluator.

When adding a record be sure to review all fields pressing the SAVE CHANGES and trigger any emails.
Field  Purpose 
Route To Highlight the people who should evaluate this applicant. 
A separate "routing" record will be added to the routings page for each person highlighted.
Add to Inbox(es) Check-mark this option to add this applicant's record to the Inbox view for the intended evaluators.
Requisition Select the requisition for which this routing is being requested.
The requisition MUST be on the Assigned Reqs tab to be selected for evaluation.

: After selecting the requisition, check the box "Route to supervisor of this requisition" to automatically select the manager as a person to "Route To". The name does not also need to be highlighted in the list.
Change Status To Select an option from the drop-down to change the status of this applicant related to the requisition selected.
Email Do NOT Email = Add a task to the Home page view but don't send out an email (as long as the 'allow responses' option is checked)

Send Separate email for each applicant  = Send individual evaluation emails to each person selected for each applicant.  For example, if 10 applicants are selected, this will trigger 10 emails for each person selected as an evaluator.  This is the recommended option.

Send one email with all applicants listed
= A listing of the applicants will be included in the email but no details or response requests will be included.  The user will need to log into the system to reply.
Allow response Check-mark this option to include the list of valid responses in the email AND record an action on the Home Page so the recipient has a list of open items.
Email response back to sender Check-mark this option to ensure the system sends an email with the response of the evaluator back to the sender when a response is recorded via Email or from the Home Page.
Update applicant's req status Check-mark this option to update the status of the applicant connected to the requisition for which this evaluation is being performed.
NOTE: This option is only available when sending a routing to ONE (1) recipient at a time in order to prevent each recipient from overwriting the previous user’s response.
Email Text Enter a note which will be send to all the evaluators selected in the "Route To" field.

Right-click on the note section and the system will bring up a list of requisition note templates which can be used to pre-fill the note.

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