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This feature is currently available for organizations who utilize Cyber Recruiter with ONE database connection.  If you log into Cyber Recruiter and have to pick your company from a drop-down list, this feature will not currently work with your system.

This feature allows a user to add emails into Cyber Recruiter which were received via Outlook. Emails will be added to the Notes page of the applicant file.  This integration does not operate on older version of Outlook.  The user must be on at least Outlook 2010 and will need to be installed for each computer / user who would like to use this feature.  

Before starting this process, determine if a unique note type should be added to the system to track the notes which are added.  A note type could be set up per user if desired (e.g. code: RE, description: Received Emails.) If this is needed, add the note type before continuing since it will be used to complete the setup.  

Before continuing, CLOSE Outlook on the computer where this program is being installed. 

  1. Download the file 
  2. Extract the file to a location on the computer.
  3. Once unzipped, run the CROutlookSeup.exe and "Next" through all the instructions.
    1. If the program presents a message that one piece failed to install and asks to continue, select "Yes"
  4. Once it is installed, in Windows, go to Start/Programs/Visibility Software, LLC/CROutlook and run the only item in that location.  
    1. If the user logged into the computer is not the Admin on the machine, the user may need to right-click and choose "Run as Administrator" 
  5. Enter Cyber Recruiter credentials for Outlook to use 
    1. Cyber Recruiter URL (this is on the Admin > System Setup page in Cyber Recruiter)
    2. User ID (this is the Cyber Recruiter User's ID for this Outlook account)
    3. Password (corresponds to the Cyber Recruiter User's ID)
    4. Note Type (the drop-down box won't populate until the correct URL is entered)
  6. Press OK to save the changes
  7. Launch Outlook
  8. Go to File/Options, then Add-ins on the left
  9. Click the Go button at the bottom (image below)
  10. Make sure CROutlook is checked and click okay

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