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Page Location: Admin > Links > Pre-Defined Links > HR-XML

The process for transferring new hires from Cyber Recruiter to an HR-XML supported product involves exporting the information to an XML Text file and importing that file into any product that supports the HR-XML format.  Cyber Recruiter automates this task by creating the file from within Cyber Recruiter itself. 

Step 1: Turn On HR-XML

Question  Response  Result 
Enabled Yes All of HR-XML-specific pages and menu items will be added in Cyber Recruiter.

Additional Action Needed: Highlight the Users in the Drop-Down List who should have access to the HR-XML-specific functions in Cyber Recruiter.  Hold the CRTL key down to select more than one User.


Users will not see any references to HR-XML in Cyber Recruiter.


Step 2: Verifying Code Tables

Page Location: Admin > Codes > HR-XML

Verify the HR-XML code tables are up-to-date. The two (2) code tables are Shift and Employment Level. They are not required to transfer data an HR-XML file. The Shift code table contains the possible shifts that a person might work (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and the Employment Level contains whether a new employee is Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, etc.

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