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Home Page

Page Location: |Home|

The Home Page is accessed through the |Home| link and allows Users to quickly get to outstanding items requiring attention (meaning item that are waiting on that user) as well as other links located in the left hand panel. The goal of this page to to never have anything appearing in the middle, right-hand section. If there is something on the page there is an outstanding task requiring feedback and system interaction.  Clicking on an item will launch another window with additional details and options for feedback.  


"To-Do" items will appear on the Home Page 7 days prior to the due date to draw attention to the outstanding item. 


Statistical information in the left-hand menu on the Home Page depends on each User’s level of security.

The User’s name defaults across the top in the Welcome Banner once he/she is logs into Cyber Recruiter (CR). This helps to identify each particular User who logs into the system.

Left-Hand Menu

Users can gain an overall view of the system as well as quick access the Open Activities, Interview Calendar, and My Preferences, as well as any other custom links that might be set up for Users by the Administrator.

Main Section
This section contains two very convenient features that help access information easily; "Quick Find" and "Recent Items".  You will see these options on many pages in Cyber Recruiter for quick access to information.  

To use the "Quick Find", enter in a portion of a word (or full word) and press enter.  The search tool finds applicants and requisitions based on key characters entered here that could be found in the applicant name, email address, requisition title or requisition code.

"Recent Items" will store the last five (5) applicants and last five (5) requisitions accessed in the system. 

Applicants Section
This section provides statistical information regarding the number of applicants in the system.  The top option is NOT a hyperlink but "Added Today" and "Last 7 Days" are hyperlink fields to the list of applicants newly added into the system.

Requisitions Section
This section provides statistical information regarding Open requisitions in the system.  Each option is a hyperlink to the Requisition List with a specific filter applied.

This section provides quick links to other views in the system based on security access.

This section provides quick links to settings or views.  If there are custom links developed by the Administrator of the system where the location is specified as "Home Page", the links will appear in this section.

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