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Getting Started

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Using The Help Tool

This help tool is designed to put information right at your fingertips. There are a few sections to examine.

Searching / Tips

  • Use the text box by the magnifying glass on the top corner to search through the whole help tool. The first time you use this tool it will index and take slightly longer than searches done later.  If a word matches your search it will be highlighted and a list will appear of all the potential matches.

Folders and Content

  • Guides -  This section contains guides for installing the software administrator / user use, and reporting.
    • Installing the Software - This section details out the installation process.  Topics include software installation, building web pagers, performing upgrades and troubleshooting. 
    • Searchable Manual - This is a searchable, topic driven, help menu which allows you to quickly get to the information you need to review. Not all information is currently listed in this section so if you don't find something, look to the historical guides for further documentation.
  • Training - Access Visibility Software's On Demand online tutorials.
  • FAQs - Get answers to those "other" questions you have.
    • How to Instructions
    • Product Options - Check out this section to see a full listing of all the features of Cyber Recruiter in the various platforms to identify if there are features you may not be using.
  • Product Support - Use this section to learn how to log a case, start remote assistance, schedule a consulting call and version details.
    • Advanced Support - Use this to access information about our Cyber Recruiter Technical support options and find the links to log in to the Tech Support Portal, Screen Share with a Support Agent, or review the Support Agreement.
  • News and Events - Check this section if you want to know what is new with the product, when user groups are going to be held, or what training is being offered. You can also find links to recordings from past User Group meetings.