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Applicant - Interview Evaluation Form

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Page Location: Admin > Page Builder > Applicant > Interview Evaluation Form


If a significant change to a question needs to be made, instead of changing the wording in Page Builder, edit the question and check the 'hidden' field.  This will save the question and interviewer answers for historical purposes.  Then, make a new question with the new wording and options. Changing the wording in Page Builder will change the wording throughout the system, even on applicants where interviewers have previously answered the question with different wording. 


The Interview Evaluation Form allows HR the ability to gain feedback from the Interviewer about the Applicant through the use of evaluation questions. (Questions flagged ‘Hidden’ will NOT appear and are stored for historical purposes).  This page of Page Builder is broken up into two sections: Questions & Instructions. 


(the top section) are the individual questions which will be presented to the Interviewer for evaluation of the Applicant. Creating a question will add the question to the Applicant's Interview Detail page and to the Interview Evaluation Form so an answer to the question can be tracked.  The summary grid gives some general information about the question. The grid can be sorted by a specific column by clicking on the field name.

Summary View

Field  Purpose 
  The pencil icon allows the user to edit the question details.  
Question Displays the question.
Order This is the order the question will appear on the page. 
Type Displays the type of answer tracked (Short Text, Long Text, Drop-Down).  If Drop-Down is selected, this field is a hyper link to another page which stores the specific answers to the questions. 
  The X icon allows the user to remove the question from the system.  

NOTE: Pressing the X icon will remove the question from the set-up page as well as from the Applicant record.  So, all information connected to this question will be lost.  It is recommended that a question not be deleted but rather it be hidden (edit the question to see this option) so the data can remain attached to the Applicant's file. 

Underneath the tab, there is a check-box which will display all questions (even hidden questions) when checked.  Any hidden question will be highlighted in pink so they are easy to pick out of the full list. 

Detail View

If a new question needs to be added, press the 'Add new record' link above the summary grid.  If a question needs to be edited, press the icon to access the details.  

Field  Purpose 
Text Box Type in the text which should be displayed to the interviewer.  This box is designed for text but HTML keys can be embedded into the text and the web pages can translate the formatting (bold, italics, colors, etc.)
Order Enter the order of this question for display purposes.  
Answer Type Select the type of answer which should be entered (Short Text, Long Text, Drop-Down).  
Required Check this box if the question must be answered before the page will be saved during completion of the form.
Hidden Check this box if editing a question previously created which should no longer show in the system for ongoing evaluations. 

Answer Types

This section has three types of answers which can be entered.

Short Text
Select this answer type if the answer would be less than 50 characters. For example, if there are multiple interviewers and each has a role in the process (manager, team member, department coordinator, etc.) on the form the person completing the evaluation could be prompted to enter his/her role in the process. The Short Text option should provide sufficient space to enter that information.  

Long Text
Select this answer type if the answer would be less lengthy. For example, if there is an option to type in additional comments, then the Long Text option will provide sufficient space to do so.

Select this answer type if the goal is to have a set answer for consistency.  Selecting this answer type will lend itself to setting up Cyber Searches on the answers to questions.  In addition, any questions which has a drop-down answer can be scored and it can be set up as a filter question for the application process.   Once this question type is selected, save the question and then click on the words 'Drop-Down' in the summary view to complete the setup.

Answers will appear in an alpha-numeric order.  So, before adding possible answers, work on the display of the answers ahead of time so they don't have to be added and removed later.

Field  Purpose

Click this icon to add a new value to the table.  When adding, the user will be able to enter in a value for the drop-down menu, decide if the answer is acceptable or not and assign a value.

NOTE: Answers cannot be edited but the values for 'Value' and 'Acceptable?' can be change in the summary table.  After making a change, press the  icon.
Drop-Down Choice Displays the answer which will be in the drop-down.
Acceptable? The system does not automatically change status based on the acceptability of the answer to the question.  However, the resulting status (acceptable or unacceptable) can be seen on the Score Report .
Value Select a number (1-99) to assign to the answer of this question.  The accumulation of all the answers will be consolidated as the 'Score' for the Application Question.  

If this feature is being used, the Score will display as the final number in the Score column on the Applicants page of the Requisition.

Click this button to remove this answer from the drop-down list.


The text box at the bottom of the page also allows for instructions and messages to assist the Interviewers in filling out the form. Use the Fields drop-down list to provide requisition merge fields to the text box at the bottom of the page as needed.  Place the cursor where the merge field should be located and then find the field in the drop-down and press the Add button.  The field will appear in the text with { } around the field.  When viewing the evaluation form, the information will be pulled from the requisition based on the requisition record connected to the interview.
Available Fields

Option  Page / Purposes / Value 
Req Code Displays the unique code of the requisition
Req Job Description Displays the text stored on the 1st tab (Job Description) of the Job Description page.
Req Public Job Description Displays the text stored on the 3rd tab (Public Job Description) of the Job Description page. 
Req Requirements Displays the text stored on the 2nd tab (Requirements) of the Job Description page.
Req Other Description Displays the text stored on the 4th tab (Other Description) of the Job Description page.
Req Title Displays the Requisition Title
Req Recruiter Displays the "Recruiter" field from the General tab of the Main page.
Req Supervisor Displays the "Hiring Manager" field from the General tab of the Main page.
Req Salary Grade Displays the "Salary Grade" field from the Job Info tab of the Main page.
Organizational Levels (1-5) Displays any one of the organizational levels defined on the Job Info tab of the Main page.
Misc (1-20) Displays any one of the miscellaneous fields defined on the Misc. tab of the Main page.

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