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Page Location: Applicant File > Lawson

Step 1: Prepare the Individual & Verify Required Fields

Once the Lawson interface is enabled a Lawson Page in the Applicant File will appear for any users specified in the setup. This page will appear for all applicants but should only be complete for individuals who should be sent over to Lawson. To start the process, find the individual’s record that will be exported to Lawson.

Step 2: Complete Lawson Page

This page is necessary to transfer Individuals into Lawson because it contains information that doesn't already exist in Cyber Recruiter. The data from this page in addition to standard data that Cyber Recruiter stores (name, address, phone number, etc…) are transferred for new hires. Before transferring an individual from Cyber Recruiter to Lawson, ensure this page is complete and contains all the required information for that Individual. 

The demographic information is pulling from the applicant's demographics page.  If information is changed on the Lawson page, it will be updated on the standard demographics page as well. 

Field  Purpose/Notes 
Hire Date Required Field.  Enter in the date of the hire.
Employee Number  
Base Page Required Field.  Enter in the base rate of pay.
First Name Required Field 
Middle Name 
Last Name Required Field 
Home Phone  
Work Phone  
Work Ext.  
Cell Phone  
Email Brings over the Home email address. 
Street 1  
Street 2  
Zip/Postal Code   

Step 3: Add Record to the Export File

Click on the red link at the bottom of the page to add this individual to the export file. The red indicator will change to indicate whether the individual is on the list of people to be exported. In this example, the link has not been clicked yet.

Step 4: Generate Export File

After verifying and adding the individual to the export file, from the main menu bar select Applicants > Lawson to generate the export file. 

The table that displays lists the individuals who have been flagged to be added to the export file via the Applicant File > Lawson Page. To add additional records to the list, press the Add button and find the Individual. To remove records from the list, check the box at the end of the line and then click the Delete Selected button. Checking the checkbox in the top of the table will place checkmarks or remove check marks next to everyone’s record. Checkmark everyone who should be exported prior to pressing export. 

Enter the name of the file in the Filename field and click the Export button to create the export file. Cyber Recruiter will save the last export file created. However, this file will be overwritten each time the export process is run.

Step 5: Verify Results

The page which appears allows you to verify the results and eventually to save the file generated to a network or disk location.

Correcting Errors 

If the error log indicates that some individuals are missing information, the information for those records should be entered and another export performed. Click the Print link to print a report as needed t and click the Individual name to enter the file o make the necessary changes. Re-run the export process; the export process can be run as many times as needed to obtain an error free file.

Accessing the File

The file will be emailed to the person who created the file.  This file needs to then be imported into Lawson using their importing tool.

Step 6: Prepare Export List for Next Batch

To prepare the Lawson page for the next batch of new hires, checking the checkbox in the top of the table will link to place a checkmark next to the Applicant’s names. Then, press the Delete Selected button to remove them from this list.

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