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Scheduling Reports

Reports written in the Report Writer can be set up to automatically trigger an email with the report details included.  There are some steps which need to be taken on the server before this feature can be used for individual reports.


If this feature is being used, then the 'Master' security group must have access to the report category for which the report is being scheduled. It is a best practice to give the 'Master' group access to all the report categories which are created.

Server Configuration

In the Cyber Recruiter root folder, which would by default be C:\program files\visibility software\cyber recruiter

There is folder called "Reporting\bin". In that folder is a file called IzendaScheduler.exe. On the Cyber Recruiter web server, use Windows Scheduler to schedule this file to execute every 30 minutes indefinitely. When scheduling the .exe, you must include a parameter that points to the rs.aspx page in the Reporting folder.  For example, if your URL to Cyber Recruiter is http://HRServer/CyberRecruiter, then the parameter you attach to the scheduled executable would be http://HRServer/CyberRecruiter/Reporting/rs.aspx?run_scheduled_reports=1.  If this is not in place, even if the feature is activated inside the individual report, the scheduled report will not run.


NOTE: This feature uses the SMTP server and credentials entered into the database on the System Setup page.  

This feature needs .NET 4.0 installed on the server to operate. If it is not installed, and is installed as part of the setup, a server reboot will be needed. 

Report Configuration

A setting on the ‘Misc’ tab allows for reports to be run automatically and emailed out of the system. An .exe file is required for this section of the ‘Misc’ tab to appear. 

On the Misc tab, scroll to the bottom to enter in the information to set up the scheduler.

Field Purpose
Schedule  Enter the Date/Time to start running this report. This will be used as a reference point for the Repeat Type. So, if the reports should run at 9:00 am each day (for example) then enter 9:00 am.
Repeat Type Select how frequently this report should be run.
Send Email as Select how this report should appear in the email. NOTE: Link will be a link back to Cyber Recruiter. If the goal is to send the report without needing to access the computer, select a different method.
Recipients Enter the email addresses in the space provided separated by a comma (,). Each of these accounts will be emailed the report based on the specifications.

Repeat Type

The repeat type will reference back to the originally scheduled date and time to determine when the report should be sent out to the designated recipients.  For example, if the schedule time is set to 9:00 am on Monday March 5th, 2012, the report will trigger as follows.

Option Example 
Every Day Every day at 9:00 am
Every Weekday Monday - Friday at 9:00 am
Every Week Every Monday at 9:00 am
Every Two Weeks Every Other Monday at 9:00 am
Every Month On the 5th of the Monday at 9:00 am
Every Quarter On the 5th of March, June, September and December at 9:00 am
Alert Hourly Every hour starting at 9:00 am
Alert Daily Every day

Send Email as

An email will be triggered with the report information.  Depending on the option selected for this setting, the report will be included in different formats.

Option Explanation 
Link Provides a link back to view the report inside Cyber Recruiter.
Embedded Includes the report details in the body of the email.
PDF Includes the report details as a PDF attachment to the email.
CSV Includes the report details as a CSV (comma delimited format) attachment to the email.  This format can be read by Excel but other spreadsheet programs as well.
HTML Includes the report details as a HTML document in the email.
XLS (MIME) Includes the report details as an XLS (excel) attachment to the email.
Word (RTF) Includes the report details as a RTF (rich text format) attachment to the email. This format can be read by Word but other word processing programs as well.


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