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Approvals Page

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Page Location: Admin > Page Builder > Requisition > Create Req Form > Wizard Layout

The Approvals Page determines the process required to reach an approved status that a requisition will take after it is created but before it is posted for applicants to apply. 
Enter a Title, and Instructions for the page so the user knows what to do at this stage of the creation process. Pressing the icon on this page only saves the Title and Instructions.

If this is NOT the default wizard template, click on the words Copy from Default Template to make this page mirror the default process already defined. Once copied, all of the settings can be adjusted as needed.

This page also has an option related to the triggering of the emails.

  1. Automatically email first approver = This is the recommended setting.  The email for approvals will automatically trigger upon completing the approvals page.  The user who is making the request doesn't need to do anything further.
  2. Do NOT email anybody = The system does not email anyone related to the approval of the requisition.  A task item will appear on the |Home| page but there is no active pushing of information. 
  3. Give user choice of emailing the first approver = The system will add a field to the approvals page giving the option of emailing to the user who is creating the requisition. 
Add new approval level by clicking on the add button, or edit an existing approval level by pressing on the edit icon.  These settings need to be completed for all of the levels of approvers who will be in the chain.  Setting up an approver will require his/her approval on the requisition prior to the 'Auto Open' feature being activated. 

Field  Purpose 
Approved Enabled or Disabled? Set the field to Enabled to allow the user to change the name of the approver when reviewing the page during the creation / request process. 

Set this field to Disabled to default a name into the approval record and to prevent a user from making a change.
Required Set this field to Yes to ensure that an approver is filled in before completing the request process.  Remember that this setting is per approver (and there can be more than one) so any or all of the approvers can be required.
Caption Enter a title for the approver.  This may simply be 'Approver 1' or it could be more specific, like 'Department Director'.
Default # Set the order that this approver should receive the notification. 

Typically this will be in a sequential order (1, 2, and then 3 if there are three approvers).  This allows the first approver to receive the notification and when he/she approves the requisition then the second person is alerted.  The comments and approval from the first approver is included in the email for the second person so that person can then make his/her decision. 

The same number can be used multiple times.  If this is the case, multiple people would be notified simultaneously.  This does not mean that only one of the '1s' need to approve, simply that they will all get the notification at the same time. 
Can change the number? Setting this field to Yes allows the person who is submitting the request to change the order and make it different from the defaults. 
Default Approver If the form should have a name pre-populated into the space for this approval level, then select a name from the drop-down list.  For example, if the HR Manager should be the 3rd approver, in that record, pick his/her name from the drop-down list.  Often, if a name is defaulted, the field is also Disabled so it cannot be changed by the person submitting the request.
Drop-down Choices Select which list of names should populate the drop-down for the selection of the approver.  There are four options.
  All Users All of the active users who are listed under Admin > Security > Users will be available for selection.
  Recruiters All of the active users who are listed under Admin > Security > Users who have the field for 'Recruiter' marked as 'Yes' will be available for selection.
  Hiring Managers All of the active users who are listed under Admin > Security > Users who have the field for 'Hiring Manager' marked as 'Yes' will be available for selection.
  Recruiters and Hiring Managers All of the active users who are listed under Admin > Security > Users who have the field for 'Recruiter'  OR 'Hiring Manager' marked as 'Yes' will be available for selection.
  Users in Certain Security Groups Select this option to use the listing of security groups listed below the 'Drop-down choices' to determine the users who will be available.
    Show users from which group? Highlight one (or more than one) group which should make up the list from which the user will pick an approver.  The system will verify the security group of all the users to determine which names should appear for selection. 

For example, if the approval level is 'Department Director' and there is a security group developed for those users, highlight the name in the box.  When the requisition is creation, only those people classified as 'Department Director' will be listed in the drop-down list.  This makes it much easier to quickly find the correct approvers if the user list is very long.

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