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Moving the System v10.x

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Moving the v10 system is easy and quick!  The steps will mostly include double clicking on the CyberRecruiter.exe and walking through the steps presented in the wizard. 

As you already have a database the installer will not install a new one, but ensure you use the same login credentials and database name or it will create as new.  You will need to know the name of the database if it is something other than CyberRecruiter (default name). 

NOTE: Ensure the user  for the SQL install has the Server Role in SQL of “sysadmin”. If using ‘sa’ this is not relevant. However, if you have set up a specific user (CRUser, for example) it may not be a sysadmin all the time and would need to be for this process to install correctly. After the install they could turn it back to just be ‘public’ as long as the user is a db_owner on the database.

You will also need to run the Careers.exe to nstall the public facing applicant site. I would recommend not removing the current site(s) until you have the one in the new location running. 

1) Make backups of the database before running - if you are also moving the SQL database please see the note below 
2) Make backups of the current folder structure under Program Files (x86) 
3) Install Cyber Recruiter in the new location using the files provided by Product Support - to get these files click the "Email Support" link above.
Enter the connection information for the  database.

Leave the database as CyberRecruiter or change to the database name of your system if not using the default (it should not install a new database but instead recognize the database and just install the program files)
4) Launch the program and try to log in.  If everything installed correctly, you should log into the system. 
5) If you had custom reports navigate to the backup of the folder structure from step #2 and locate the folder located here: Cyber Recruiter > Reporting > Reports - copy any custom reports to the new location
6) Install Careers and verify that you can launch the site
7) If you have any custom CSS files or images you will need to locate these in the install folder from Step #2 and move them to the new location

NOTE: if you are moving the system you will need to be able to access the database from the new location - if the database is also moving you will take a backup of it and install the backup to the new SQL location prior to Step #3. 


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