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The Attachment Page holds external files and documents related to a requisition (Word docs, spreadsheets, pdfs, etc.). Attachments are saved in Cyber Recruiter, so if the file is deleted from where it originally was located, it is still accessible through Cyber Recruiter.

Based on Group Security settings, users can add, edit or delete attachments. 

To add a new record, the user will click Add New Record
To edit a record in order to change the details or upload a new file, the user will click the icon
To remove a file, the user will click the icon at the end of the record line.

To view the attachment, click on the Description link. The file opens in a new internet browser in the proper application format (Word, Excel, Adobe Viewer, etc.) It is not possible to modify a document from here; however, the document can be saved with another file name in order to make changes.

When viewing the detail of an attachment:

Column Name  Purpose 
Date This is the date the document was added to the system.  The field is controlled by the user so it could be back or future dated if necessary. 

NOTE: Clicking on the date field will display a calendar.  Clicking on the rust colored Month/Year header displays another menu so the user can quickly move to a different month or year. 
Type The type file is used to group the various attachments together into a common category.  Define the Attachment Types in the Code Table before using them on this page.
Description   Enter a description for this individual document so it can be referenced later.  This will display in the summary table of all attachments connected to this requisition and will be what the user clicks on to display the document. 
Note Enter a note, if necessary, related to this document.  This column will display in the summary table of all the attachments connected to this requisition.
Attachment New Attachment: When in the 'Add' mode, click the 'Select' button to find the document which should be uploaded on the network or individual computer.  Once a file is selected, the path to the file will display on in the Attachment field. 

Updating Attachment: When in the 'Edit' mode, follow the steps above to replace the existing attachment with a new file.  When editing a record, the following message appears in an attempt to communicate that the 'Attachment' field is not shown even through there is an attachment connected to this record.

The Attachment item is currently empty. Only click the Select button if you intend to replace the existing form with a new one.
File Type File Type is a validation for acceptable files to upload. Only specific types of files can be uploaded and they are hard-coded into the system. The current list includes DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, TXT, HTM, HTML, JPG, GIF, MP3, and WMV.

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