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Applicant Search

Applicant Search will allow you to search for applicants in your system using custom searches you create and save


  1. Select Applicants > Search Applicants
  2. Create a new search
  1. Click Add
  2. Enter a Name for your search
  3. Enter a Description of the search
  4. Check the box, Share if other people should be able to run this search
  5. Press Save Changes
  6. Click Add to add criteria
  7. Select the criteria to use from the drop-down box

    Depending on the criteria selected, complete the remaining boxes/drop-downs

  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Repeat steps f-g until all criteria has been added
  10. Select the requisition this search is for, if applicable
  11. Press Run This Search

NOTE: If no results return, refine your search and start over from step "h"


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