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Requisition Reports

Requisition reports can be accessed in three sections depending on the desired report information and filter.

Standard Reports
Access the section under Reports > Requisition if the report should pull global information (all requisitions, open requisitions, requisition for a specific department, etc.).  Filter options will be available to help narrow down the amount of data; the fields displayed are set and cannot be changed.

Requisition Specific, Page Specific Reports
Access reports on a specific page of the requisition using the  to get information in a printable format which reflects what is displayed on the screen. On some screens, additional filter options will be available; the fields displayed are set and cannot be changed.

Report Writer Reports 
Not available in the Express Edition of Cyber Recruiter.  Use the Report Writer tool to create requisition reports which are specific to the organizations needs.  Fields, filters, access, layout, charting, etc. are all configurable using this tool.  Many standard reports have been recreated in the Report Writer tool in order to provide a starting point for additional report writing. 

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