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Communication Templates aka Correspondence Templates

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Page Location: Admin > Page Builder > Correspondence Templates

The section of Page Builder called "Correspondence Templates" contains various communication templates which are used by the system. Some correspondence templates are not available in the Page Builder Correspondence Templates and those are specified in the Website Email Templates section below.

Standard Templates
These templates are emails which are used by the system based on taking an action.  Content used in the Standard Templates cannot be copied and moved to the Custom Templates section.  Each Standard Template is unique and has different information available for merge fields.

Custom Templates
These templates are designed to be sent to the Applicant.  Emails and letters can be set up with pre-set working and merge fields to make communicating out to the Applicants quick and consistent.

Available Attachments
Upload and store standard email attachments send with the custom emails.  For example, upload a current benefits summary to be used when sending out the Interview Confirmation. When the Interview Confirmation email is sent, the system will know to include the benefits summary with the email.

To upload a new document simply press the "Add New Record" link above the table of attachments.  If an attachment is no longer needed, press the "X" button on that row to remove the attachment.

Website Email Templates
Some email templates are stored with the Career Portal, Self-Service, or Agency Portal sections to which they correspond.


Update Communication Templates with Your Verbiage