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Manually Add an Applicant/WO Parsing Tool

Follow the instructions on this page to manually add an applicant if you do not have the parsing tool

  1. Locate Applicant’s resume
  2. Go to Applicants > Add Applicant
    1. Paper application or resume in unloadable format
      1. Select From Clipboard
      2. Paste text version of resume if available, if not
      3. Press Continue
  3. Verify information or enter information as needed
  4. Select requisition to which to assign this applicant from the drop-down list if applicable
  5. Select the status for this applicant (Note: This is the applicant’s overall status and will default to 1b-Applicant – Manually Added.)
  6. Enter the date of this application (will default to today’s date)
  7. Select the referral source
  8. Select the position desired (this is not a requisition) if applicable
  9. Select the Self-Service View the Applicant should have Normal or Wizard
  10. Press Save Changes



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