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Report Writer

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This page controls the administrative aspects of the Report Writer tool.  This page will only display in the Professional and Enterprise versions.

Report Writer KeyThis is only used if the Report Writer tool needs to be expanded to more than 15 concurrent users.  Visibility Software will provide a number for this field to unlock the additional license level if needed. 

Report Categories: The list which displays is the current list of ALL report categories currently defined for the Report Writer.  Each category represents a file folder on the server containing individual reports.  If a report category needs to be removed, first back up the full file folder structure and then use the  icon to remove the category from the file structure.  After deleting the category the user will be logged out of the system in order to finish updating the folder structure. 

NOTE: If a report category is deleted, all the reports in that folder are also removed.  The only way to restore the information is from a backup.

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