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Interview Calendar

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Interview Calendar allows Users to see all the interviews setup by month.

Calendar Summary

Field / Option  Purpose 
"All Users" drop-down If "All Users" is viewable, then the group security for the current user is defined in a way to allow the user to see other interview calendars.  If this is not displayed, then the calendar will display only interviews scheduled with the user currently logged into the system.

If available, this drop-down allows the page to be filtered to another User's calendar of interviews.
"By..." Select the way the calendar should be displayed
  By Applicant Applicant Name (Time of Interview -includes the time and the time zone if specified)

This view is helpful if you are looking at one specific user's calendar or if you need to know all the applicants coming in during the date for interviews.
  By Interviewer Name of Interviewer (Time of Interview -includes the time and the time zone if specified)

This view is helpful if you are looking at multiple user's calendars and need to know who is scheduled for other interviews or if you need to know which interviewers are part of the process.
Legend The legend helps to clarify the status of the interview confirmation when looking at the calendar detail. The name (applicant or interviewer) will appear in a different color depending on the status of the confirmation.  
  Green = Confirmed At least one person confirmed the interview (regardless if others say YES/NO) 

If the interview should not happen, it can be cancelled but if someone confirms he/she is coming then the interview is on.
  Black = Unconfirmed Until someone responds to the request, the information will be black.

The interviewer will NOT receive the option to confirm if this is not included in the original request generated from the applicant's file. In this case, the information will remain black.
  Red = Denied Either ALL responded No OR the first person responded No and no other users have responded

If some confirms YES, then the color changes to green.
<< Previous Click this link to move to the previous month.
Next >> Click this link to move to the next month.
Specific Date   Click on the specific date to see details regarding that date.

Date Specific

Clicking on a  specific date will provide additional information relate to the interviews specifically for that day.

Field / Link  Purpose 
Back to Calendar Click this link to return to the Calendar Summary view
Email Reminders Click this link to send reminder notifications to all the interviewers for this date.
  Click the printer icon to print a report of the information listed on the page.
Time Time of the Interview (includes the time and the time zone if specified)
Interviewer Name of the user who will be the interviewer.  The name will appear in Green, Black or Red depending on if he/she has confirmed the interview.
Applicant Name of the applicant to be interviewed.
Location Location of the interview if it was specified.
Requisition Requisition connected to the interview, if it was specified.
Note Note related to the interview, if it was entered.

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