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The History Page displays and records core actions as related to the requisition.   The History Page cannot be updated or changed. However, users can click Print to obtain a hardcopy or delete a record by clicking on the red X at the end of each record, given the appropriate security permissions. Additionally, users can see more information by clicking on any hyperlinks (when available) on this page.

Summary View

Column Purpose 
Date Date of the change based on the data entered.  This may not be the actual date of the change the record was added into the system.

For example: If the approval was confirmed on 5/21/2013 but manually updated in the system on 5/23/23, then the date listed in this column will be 5/21/2013

Description of the event/action taken to generate the historical reference. See the next section for triggers in creating history.

Changed By
User name for the individual who triggered the history record creation

Approval Date
Actual date the historical record was added into the system.  This column is date and time stamped based on the location of the sever where Cyber Recruiter is installed.  So, if the computer in in EST then the timestamp will reflect EST even if the data entered was in a different time zone.
Click this link to remove the record from history.

NOTE: This is based on group security and it is recommended that this option be disable by setting the security to 'View Only' for all but the Admin user. 


      Events Which Create History

      • Additions:
        • Creating a new requisition
        • Approval email trigger to the approver
        • Adding an approver
        • Attaching an Applicant to the requisition (manually or via the website)
        • Adding a new hire
        • Adding a note
        • Adding an attachment
        • Adding a cost
      • Updates:
        • The approval or disapproval of a requisition
        • Changing the status of a requisition
        • Offer approval connected to the requisition approved or disapproved
        • Changing the Salary Grade, From Salary and/or To Salary on the Main page
        • Changing the Recruiter
        • Changing the Hiring Manager
        • Changing the number of openings for the requisition.
        • Changing a cost
      • Deletions:
        • Deleting an Applicant association


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