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Hire to Paychex

Step 1: Prepare the Applicant & Verify Required Fields

Once the Paychex interface is enabled, a Paychex Page in the Applicant File will appear for any users specified in the setup. This page will appear for all applicants but should only be complete for individuals who should be sent over to Paychex. This page can be set up to be the final page of the New Hire process as well.  If not doing this process through the New Hire process, to start the process, find the individual’s record that will be exported to Paychex. Otherwise, the applicant's Paychex page will be the final page displayed in that process.

Once the Applicant is located, use the Paychex Page to enter data that does not already exist in the Cyber Recruiter product. This information will be transferred in addition to the required pieces of information necessary for the transfer. Even though some of these fields on these tabs are not required it is good practice to fill out as much as possible to have the most complete record.

The 'Req' listed on the page will display any jobs to which this applicant has applied.  Items listed below in red can be automatically poplulated by the selection of the requisition based on the mapping defined in the setup.  Selection of a requisition is required, so if appliants will be hired to Paychex without a connected requisiton, it is recommended that all the Paychex codes be maintained seperate from the Cyber Recruiter codes.

If a requisition is not selected, One of the four rate fields (Salary, Hourly 1, Hourly 2, or Hourly 3) is required for the pay to save correctly. 

Paychex Field 
Employee ID
Hire Date
Hourly Rate 1 - 3
Pay Frequency
Job Title
Full Time / Part Time

Be sure to save your changes after completing this page.

Step 2: Add Record to the Export File

Click on the green link at the bottom of the page to add this individual to the export file. The red indicator will change to indicate the individual is on the list of records to be exported. In this example, the link has not been clicked.

Step 3: Generate the Export File

After verifying and adding the Individual to the export file, from the main menu bar select Applicants > Paychex Export to generate the export file.

The Employee ID number is pulled from the Applicant File (Employee File) > Paychex Page > Employee ID Field.

This table displays the Individuals who have been added to the export file via the Applicant File > Paychex Page. To add additional Individuals to the list, press the Add button and find the individual’s record. To remove individuals from the list, check the box at the end of the record line and click the Delete Selected button. Checking the checkbox in the top of the table will place checkmarks or remove check marks next to everyone’s record. Everyone listed here will be included in the export file.

Click the Export button to create the export file. Depending on the setup, a file will either be sent to a specific email address or to the user who is performming this task.  This file should be used in conjunction with the Paychex import process to create a new Paychex employee.   

Step 4: Verify Results

The page which appears will alert you if there are any errors which need to be corrected.

Correcting Errors

The error log indicates that some individuals are missing information, the information for those individuals should be entered and another export performed. Click the Print link to print a report as needed and click the individual’s name to enter the file or make the necessary changes. The export process can be run as many times as needed to obtain an error free file. 

Step 5: Prepare Export List for Next Batch

To prepare the Paychex Export page for the next batch of new hires, checking the checkbox in the top of the table will place a checkmark next to the Individual’s names. Then, press the Delete Selected button to remove them from this list.

Step 6: Import Into Paychex

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please check with your Paychex Representative for the most current import instructions.  The following may NOT be current.  The following section was adapted from Paycheck 2007-11-30 Preview Interfaces document.

NOTE:  The import process using Paycheck’s CRPS0040 program and Paychex’s functions must be clarified with PAYCHEX Tech Support or your Paychex representative.  The information below is intended only as an overview of the Paychex import process after Xport Paychex files have been created and sent to your company’s payroll administrator.

CRPS0040 is Paychex’s HR interface program used to import data to Preview.  CRPS0040 will update the Preview system with employee-level additions and changes as received from the Paychex file.

Data imported from the text files is subject to the same validation as would be applied when manually entering the information in Preview.

Add the program CRPS0040 to the company list of reports using the Preview menu:

Company Menu > Company Entry > F6 Options > 6 Reports.

Running the Import

Once the Xport Paychex files have been created for import and moved to the \Rapid\ directory, processing the import program within Preview is a matter of running the CRPS0040 program as a report.

Data may be imported for one or more divisions, branches, or departments by entering the information into the appropriate fields on the Report Queue Options screen.  You may also use the pick list to select a range of employees to import.  The employee list maybe sorted in several ways, allowing you to select employees based on Employee Name, Employee ID, Division/Branch/Dept, or Social Security Number.

An exception report will be generated each time the program is run to list new employees who were not imported for existing employees because the data was invalid.    Each time CRPS0040 is run, a record will be added to CRPSoo40.TXT in the RAPID/rpfiles directory that will list the date, time and the client for whom it was run. 


Data is validated during the import process.  Invalid data will not import.  Errors generated on the Exception Report (invalid departments, state codes, EEO codes, etc.).

New employees will not be added if mandatory field information is NOT provided. (Employee IS, SSN, Birth Date, etc.)

Deleting an employee in Cyber Recruiter does NOT delete the employee from Preview.  This must be done manually.  If the employee is deleted in Preview and not in the HR system, the import process will continue to re-add the employee to preview.

Data that is not populated in the import file for the existing employees will not overwrite existing data for that employee in Preview. Text data must be manually deleted in Preview, but numeric (i.e. amounts) can be removed using the import process by entering 0.00 for the amount in Cyber Recruiter.

Data that is not populated in the import file for the new employee will either be left blank in Preview or may populate with default values depending on the field.

Employee File

Employee File Layout 
 Paychex Company ID
 Paychex Employee ID
 Division (* if used)
 Branch (* if used)
 Last Name
 First Name
 Address #1
 Address #2
 Social Security Number
 Birth Date
 Hire Date
 Position or Job Code
 Paychex Pay Frequency
 Hourly Rate 1
 Hourly Rate 2
 Hourly Rate 3
 Exempt Code
 Full Time / Part Time Code

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