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Page Location: Admin > Website > Agency Portal > Setup

The Setup Page is where the Administrator sets some general permissions and layout for use of the portal. This page is broken up into two sections.  General setup and submission details.

General Setup

Field  Purpose 
Enabled When set to YES, the Agency Portal is active and all those highlighted in the User column will be able to submit jobs to agencies.
Total Width Decides the pixel width of the website agencies use to submit Applicants.  Recommended width is 800
View Previous Submissions When set to YES, the agencies have a link available to them to see Applicants they have submitted in the past.
Advanced Parsing When set to YES, resumes parse out into the rest of the application the agencies submit.
Agency Portal URL The website link the agencies use to submit Applicants.
User Access Users selected here will be able to open jobs up to agencies.  Users highlighted will see the Agency page in the Requisition file.

Submission Details

The tabs at the bottom of the page control the view the agent will have of the job details as well as what information will be requested during the submission process.

Req Fields

The Job Title and four additional pieces of information from the Main page of the requisition can be displayed to the Agent in order to communicate details related to the job.  These details could match what is actively posted to the Careers / Self Service module but do not necessarily have to match. Be sure to save this page by clicking on the  icon before going to the next tab.

Field  Purpose 
Visible Fields Drop-Down Fields from the Requisition File > Main Page can be selected here to display information about the position.
Visible Fields Caption Specify what this field should be called on the Job Summary page.

Job Description

This tab stores the configuration for the job description which will be shown to the agents.  The text boxes from the Job Description page of the requisition as well as the Notes page can all be leveraged.  The summary table shows which sections of the requisition file are being used to complete the job description. These details could match what is actively posted to the Careers / Self Service module but do not necessarily have to match.

Field  Purpose 
Field Drop-down list of the available job description sections that could show. Note: Make sure the fields being pulled here are ones that have information in them (could make mirror it with the corporate website).
Order If there are multiple sections of job description sections this helps to indicate which order to display the information.
Title What this section of the job description should be called.
Instructions If certain information should always default with this section of job description information, enter it here.


Applicant Fields

This tab determines which of the demographics fields related to the applicant profile should be displayed and potentially required. 

In the Left-Hand column, highlight the fields which should be presented to the agent when filling in the submission.  If anything should be REQUIRED, highlight the same field name in the right-hand column.  Hold down the Ctrl key to highlight or un-highlight fields.

As an additional option, the application questions or requisition questions which are normally asked of the applicant can be asked of the agent making the submission.  These are global setting and cannot be turned on or off based on the agent, agency or job.    Check neither, one or both options depending on which questions should be presented during the  submission process.

 Be sure to save this page by clicking on the  icon before going to the next tab.

Duplicate Checking

This multi-option pick list determines the Applicant duplicate checking method(s) in the Cyber Recruiter database. NOTE: Each option selected is enforced separately. Meaning that if it is selected to have First and Last Name as well as Email as the options, whatever scenario the system finds first (NOT both together) prompt the duplicate check message.  In addition, if something is used as a duplicate check, be sure that the field is set to REQUIRED on the Applicant Fields tab.

Check the box at the bottom of the page to trigger the system to sent an email to a User in the system (the Recruiter, the Supervisor and/or someone else who is not listed in the system) when a duplicate Applicant is attempted. If the checkbox is selected, click the Edit link to pick who should be notified to ensure a clean database.

Password Rules

Password rules can be established to control the length and format of the password an agent is using.  Use the drop-down option next to the "Minimum Length" and "Minimum Numbers" to dictate certain rules which must be followed when the agent creates a new password.

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