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HR Office by Ascentis

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Enabling HR Office HR System

The process for transferring new hires from Cyber Recruiter to the HR Office product involves exporting the information to an XML file and importing that file into HR Office. Cyber Recruiter automates this task by creating the file from within Cyber Recruiter itself. It requires no extra software or work outside of the HR Office pages within Cyber Recruiter. HR Office enabled in Admin > Links > Pre-Defined > HR Office

Step 1: Setting Global Defaults

Question  Response  Result 
Enabled? Yes All of HR Office-specific pages and menu items will be added in Cyber Recruiter.
Additional Action Needed: Highlight the Users in the Drop-Down List who should have access to the HR Office-specific functions in Cyber Recruiter. Hold the CRTL key down to select more than one User.
No Users will not see any references to HR Office in Cyber Recruiter.

Step 2: Verifying Code Tables

To accomplish this step, the Administrator needs verify the HR Office code tables are up-to-date in Admin > Codes > HR Office . The six (6) code tables: Companies, Department, Division, Employment Status, Job Title, and Location. Only the Company code table is required, but they are all recommended.

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