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Other-Code Tables

Purpose: Use this view along with other views to pull descriptions for codes which are stored in the other tables.  Many of the views already contain this connection and appear in the view as "_xxx".  If something isn't listed, connect the original table to this view via the "code" field.  In the filter, use the "wtable" to ensure that the same code list is being used.  If you aren't sure what "wtable" to use you can add it to the report (to see duplicates) OR check out the "import" key for whichever code you want to connect to. 


Field Name  Purpose 
c1 to c5 Stores additional information in an character or "alpha" format.  Typically used to store translation information when using integrations.
code Unique identifier for this value in this table (there cannot be a duplicate in the same wtable)
descr Description of the value based on the code and the wtable. 
misctext1 to misctext3 Stores additional information in a paragraph format.  Best example is the additional content which can be entered for the organizational levels. 
n1 to  n5 Stores additional information in a "number" format. Best example is salary grade information. 
syn Stores all the synonymns for degrees, majors and skills
wtable Identifies which table is related to the code.

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