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Route From Search Results

The following steps will help you to route from the Search results page. From this page you can route multiple applicants to more than one user.

 Note: read the instructions on this page to assist you in completing the form.​

  1. Go to Applicants > Search Applicant
  2. Select a search and click "RUN"​
  3. Check the box to the left of each applicant you would like to route
  4. Click the Route button
  5. From the drop downs select the requisition and the status
  6. If the supervisor will not be selected in the Route To box, check this field
  7. Select all the user to route the applicants to (hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one person)
  8. In email options select "Send a separate email for each applicant"
  9. In the Route To field, the "Response will update applicant status on requisition" will be disabled, if more than one user is selected in the Route To field
  10. Enter a message for all the recipients 

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