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Building Reports

Getting Started

This section is designed to provide Administrators of the system the knowledge needed to grant access to the Report Writing tool as well to provide Users with the knowledge needed to start using the tool. As with any Report Writer, an understanding of database structure and the system is very important. This tool should be used by Power Users of Cyber Recruiter to help design reports but can be used by the everyday user to access and run reports.

Izenda Ad Hoc for Cyber Recruiter enables you to easily access your databases directly and quickly transform raw data into useful and readily understood information. With Ad Hoc you can extract the information you need from one or more related tables and format it into tables, reports, or charts. You can view the resulting report in your Web-browser and then print it. You can also export reports in several formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF.

Imagine that your boss has asked for a list of applicants for each requisition. You know that your database has a table called Applicants, and another table called AppReq, and that they can be linked together using the common field called ApplNum. Using Ad Hoc, you can “join” the two tables and then choose the data fields you need, such as customer name, phone number, order number, order date, and order amount. You can use a filter to select only open requisitions. You can sort the data by manager. Finally you can view or print the report, create the report as a PDF file, or output it to Excel. It is so easy. It is so fast. Your boss will be amazed.
This user manual will step you through each simple process in using Ad Hoc, and provide you with what you need to know to create your queries and reports. Any data that your application developer has included in the database can be accessible to you in creating Ad Hoc reports.
Izenda Ad Hoc is a reporting solution which allows a user to design and run reports from a web browser. It consists of a query designer and pages which list and view reports. Specific security must be set under Admin > Security > Group Security prior to accessing the Query Designer. This tool can be set to simply view reports or design reports in addition to allowing only access to specific groups.


Admin: A person who has access to the Administrator menu of Cyber Recruiter. For this tool, the main area of focus for the Admin will be in the Group Security section.

: A person who has access to the general views of Cyber Recruiter. This user might have access to run reports but typically will not have access to build or modify reports.

Power User
: People who work regularly in Cyber Recruiter and have a good understand of where information is stored on the various pages in the system.

Data Source
: The group of related information which will be used to pull data from the databases into a report format. Example: View_ConnectorAppReq is a data source which combines information about Applicants and the Requisitions they are connected to.

: A single piece of information stored in a data source. Example: In the View_ConnectorAppReq, the field “LastName” will display the last name of each applicant in the system. If you are an excel user, this would be the column of information.

: A group of all the fields related to a single person, requisition or combination of the two. If you are an excel user, this would be the row of information.

: A narrowing of all data down to relevant data based on criteria applied against a field. Example: Reporting only requisitions closed in the last 90 days or applicants added in the last 6 months.

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